Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kero's Korner: Christmas 2009

Hi humans, it's Kero here!

Guess what Mami did to me the night Santa Paws was coming? She bathed me! She knows I hate water, and she bathed me! Well, I got her back... I soaked her big time! That'll teach her!

I have to admit though, I did look handsome after my bath. See...

Well, Santa Paws has come and gone, and he must have thought I was a very good boy, because he brought me loads of things. Here I am opening one of my presents with Mami.

And here I am opening another one.

I had a couple of teddies, including a turkey that goes, "gobble, gobble," if you grab it in the right spot. I also had a tennis ball, a squeaky bone, a couple of Christmasy tuggy toys, a couple of other toys that I don't remember what they were, a big candy cane treat, lots of other treats, including a "doggy chocolate" Santa. And the knitted blanket my Mami made for me, which she showed you in one of her recent craft update posts.

My treats are yummy. Here I am enjoying one of them.

And here I am enjoying another of them.

There was a red bow tied to my rawhide candy cane, and Mami insisted I wear it on my collar. I wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but when she pointed out that she could have got the cute little, "Santa's little helper," puppy sweater she saw, or a santa hat for me to wear... Well, suddenly the bow didn't seem such a bad idea after all. So, I let her put it on me, and didn't once try to take it off all day. I do have to admit that I was kinda glad when it got taken off after we got back from Willow's house though.

Here I am wearing the bow.

Willow had this huge rawhide bone that I liked the look of, so I swiped it off her. She wasn't too happy, but fair play to her, she let me have it for a bit. Then she took it back, so I went for a nap on the arm of the chair Mami was sat on.

Here I am taking that nap.

This Christmas thing is tiring! But it's great... There are so many treats and toys! And there was turkey dinner too! Yep, Willow and I had turkey dinner with the humans Christmas day. I love turkey! Mmm... Turkey! Now that's what I call good eating!

We went back to our place after dinner though. I like Willow's house, it has a bigger garden than ours, and there always seems to be people to give ear scratches and tummy rubs! I have to admit though, I did enjoy getting two car rides in one day!

Hope you had a Christmas as good as mine!

Willow is doing her Christmas post tomorrow... Or, so I heard.

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

So glad to hear you had a great Christmas and received lots of toys and treats. You must have been a very good boy this year. :)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh wow! Kero it the jackpot this year!! Toby only got a new set of bowls from my mom for Christmas. It's not that he was (so) bad. I just wasn't buying anything this year!

I did buy him new bacon treats this week that he loves!

Dorkys Ramos said...


Intense Guy said...

Wow Kero! I can see why you needed that dognap (those people that call them catnaps are ALL wrong!!)

:) You look really happy unwrapping stuff with your Mam! I hope some of the treats last until the new year (did the humans tell you about that holiday yet? They stay up ridiculously late and then kiss each other).

Hugs, tummy rubs, ear rubs, and sniffs!


Tori_z said...

LOL @ Iggy!

Kero said...

Thanks. Yes, I was a very good boy!

Us dogs are pretty easy going, and - though we love having lots - some new bowls (as long as they're filled regularly) and some bacon treats is just fine with us!

Thank you for the tummy rubs!

Yep, those people have it all wrong! I'm glad you aren't one of those people!

I still have a lot of my treats left. Not my choice... Mami has the treat bag and wont give me many at a time.

I did hear something about that "new year" thing. They say it's tonight. I'll have to try and find out more!

Licks and sniffs,