Friday, December 18, 2009

Kero's korner: Christmas photos

Hi humans, it's Kero here!

Here are the Christmasy photos of me I promised you I would post once Mami got around to grabbing them off the camera and getting someone to sort them for us, which turned out to be my pal, Iggy!

Firstly, here are a couple of photos of me with my Mami, all dressed up...

The antlers I'm wearing are some Mami has had for several years. She didn't know she still had them, but Mamgu found them with the Christmas decorations when they were looking through them.

And here's the other photo... I was meant to be wearing a Santa hat, but it was so big on me it seems more like I'm wearing a scarf and ankle bracelets! Either way, I wasn't all that pleased to be wearing it. The antlers weren't so bad, but there was just too much hat for such a small dog!

If you want to see Willow's Christmas photos, then go and take a look at this post that she did a little while ago.

Anyway, I wont be doing a post next Friday, because Mami says that's when Santa Paws is coming, and I'll be too busy playing with - or chewing on - whatever he brings for me to bother with posting!

So, have a yappy Christmas!

Licks and sniffs,


Intense Guy said...

Those are really goofy humans you live with Kero!

Although I think you look good in red!

You just look silly in reindeer antlers. :)

Hope Santy Paws brings you lots and lots and lots of treats and other goodies!

Deanna said...

Santa paws and yappy Christmas. lmao. I do love those antlers on you. Sniffs and licks.

AliceKay said...

Karen and I saw a pair of those antlers in a store the other day and tried them on Ryan (my grandson). He looked cute in them but he wasn't exactly pleased to have them on his head. (he was wearing a hoodie at the time) They look nice on you, tho. Nice pics.

And a Yappy Christmas to you, too. :)

Tori_z said...

Kero said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos.

Yes, they're goofy, but I love them anyway!

I can sympathise with Ryan.

Licks and sniffs,