Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wintery weather

OK, so we haven't had as much snow as most people, but it's exciting to me! We don't get much snow around here, and it usually doesn't happen until Christmas is well and truely over. So you can imagine how excited this snow lover was when it started snowing on Saturday, right? So, I took these photos right away, because snow doesn't usually stay very long here, and I didn't want to miss it. They were taken in the garden of my parents' place, since that's where I was at the time. The top photo is the front garden, the bottom one is part of the back garden.

We got about half an inch of snow, then it stopped snowing and the snow ended up becoming ice. It snowed a little more in the night - just a light dusting though - and that froze too. So, by the time we got up on Sunday there was a layer of ice everywhere there had been snow... And probably in places snow hadn't settled properly too. It snowed more on Monday, and with that combined with the thick layer of ice already covering everything, we decided to go home Monday lunchtime instead of Tuesday morning, since we couldn't stay at my parents' place over Christmas, plus we needed to be at our place to keep an eye on the pipes, which we were already a little worried about, since the temperature was sticking below freezing (it's between 4 and -5 today, but it has been sticking between -1 and -6 most of the time). There have been some nasty winds too, and some of the snow has frozen so quickly it's more like minature frozen snowballs than real snow. And, there's still ice everywhere today, and the power was off for a while last night.

I did manage to have a bit of fun in the snow while it was still snow though. There wasn't much of it, but there was enough for me to throw a couple of snowballs for Willow... Which she ate! LOL! Kero wasn't interested in joining in, but Willow thought it was great... And tasty! LOL! I thought it was fun too, but I wasn't willing to eat any. ;)

Some people - in fact, a lot of people - aren't liking this weather. But, I like it! It's just enough bad weather to make it really seem like Winter, but without it being bad enough to causeshops to close, and stop people getting to places. Sure, there are some problems, but that's just because it's so rare that we get weather like this the whole country seems to panic when it happens. Not me though... Nope! I cheer! ;)

OK, I think that'll do for now. If you haven't done so already, why not scroll down and read the story I posted earlier? OK, OK, I scheduled it a couple of weeks ago, so sue me! It still got posted earlier, whichever way you look at it. Anyway...

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay safe, and stay warm! :)



Intense Guy said...

I love that back garden of your mam's! It looks so festive being all decorated for the holidays.

Hmm.. Kero wouldn't chase or eat the a snowball? I'll have to have a chat with him!

I'm sure Willow thought she was in doggy heaven - this weather was black lab weather for sure!

Intense Guy said...

p.s., I'm not saying I dislike looking at your back garden - its just I have gotten very familar with each and every blade of grass and each and every twig and branch and leaves there-on. Of course next spring you will have new leaves and new grass and flowers!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you finally got some of that white stuff you like so well. LOL It's rough when it turns to ice, tho. Very hard to drive on ice, too. We're supposed to get a wintery mix of sleet and freezing rain on Christmas Day. I'm hoping we don't, but the weathermen are still predicting that stuff for our area.

I've been wrapping presents most of tonight. All I have left to wrap now are a couple of things for Terri and a few things for Ryan.

Have a good Wednesday. *hugs*

G said...

I keep forgetting that some parts of the world don't get much snow during the winter season.

Kind of refreshing to be reminded of what a simple dusting looks like.

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed the change of scenery. ;)

Kero used to play with the snow with me, but last year he was difficult to persuade to play, and this year... Well, this year he decided that even going out to roll in the snow was beneath him. I guess he thinks he's too old for games like that? Willow, however, doesn't seem to care. She may be only six months younger than Kero, but - being a black lab - she has no intention of growing up any time soon. Not that I mind... It's much more fun playing in the snow when there's someone to play with!

We're meant to be getting a mix of snow, sleet, and rain basically between now and the new year. So far the weather people are right (for a change). They were even right about when the snow would start.

All my wrapping is done, unless I end up buying anything else when I go out with Carl and Mam tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, and... Glad I could help remind you what light dustings of snow look like. ;)

LadyStyx said...

You woulda loved it here then. 20" when things were said and done. Most is melted off but they're calling for another snow sometime between Weds-Fri. YAY!