Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curiosity of Kero

After I finished the post yesterday it should have been time to eat dinner. Dinner was ready. But something was up with Kero. We're still not too sure what it was. All we know is he kept hiding upstairs, and every time we took him downstairs he would run upstairs with his tail between his legs. And when I tried just leaving him and going to eat he started yapping for me to come back. We decided to try taking him out for a walk to - hopefully - calm him down. Even then though it took us several attempts to persuade him to come downstairs, and I think it was only Willow being told she was going walkies too that persuaded him to come downstairs. And he couldn't wait to get outside... He practically dragged me out of the door. While we were out Dad lit some insense in case it was due to a scent in the house.

During the walk Kero was on full alert and very jumpy, but by the time we got home he had calmed down a lot. We persuaded him to stay downstairs, but it took us ages to properly calm him, and to get him to a point where he would eat his dinner, and so that Mam and I could eat ours.

He was rather clingy the rest of the evening, but otherwise fine. And he seems to have calmed down properly now, and gotten over whatever it was that was bothering him yesterday.



Intense Guy said...

That is really odd. Maybe he just isn't used to all the people - or something downstairs makes a "funny (to him) noise".

I hope he's being a brave doggy today.

Deanna said...

Very strange. I hope whatever boogie man scared him doesn't come back!

AliceKay said...

Yes, it is strange. I hope he's feeling more secure today.

ChicagoLady said...

It's amazing the things dogs can sense that people never do. I'm glad Kero is calmer today.

Toriz said...

We're still not sure what was wrong, but he was fine the next day, sick yesterday, and is totally fine again today.