Thursday, January 07, 2010

Random happenings (kinda FD)

I figured I'd get you caught up on what I've been up to when I haven't been playing in the snow. Especially since I know that some of you - like myself - like to know what's going on in everyone else's lives. Ah, come on, admit it. You know you do... Why else would you be reading blogs? Yeah, exactly! But don't worry about it... It's just the way humans work. We're a nosy species, aren't we? So, let's see...


I put away the Christmas tree - which was the only Christmas decoration I'd bothered to put up this year at our place, since we were at my parents' house most of the time, so we didn't see the point in putting more than just the tree up - and got some of our stuff packed up ready for when we start moving the rest of our stuff up to the house.

I also finished up the Shloire that I had left (I think I spelled that right). You know? That non-alcaholic grape wine stuff I mentioned that those of us who don't - or couldn't - drink alcahol had when the others were drinking over Christmas and the new year. I drank it while watching TV and eating shortbread biscuits. I don't remember what I was watching on TV though. I think it may have been CSI or something.


Dad picked Kelly, Kero and I up shortly before dinner, and Nan, Dad, Wayne, Kelly and I had dinner together before Dad and Kelly went off to their gaming club for the afternoon. Nan and I were going to make mince pies while they were gone, but we decided we probably had enough snacks in the house for now. Besides, the mince pie filling keeps well. So we didn't bother. Instead, Nan and Wayne worked on a jigsaw puzzle that Wayne had for Christmas, and I watched Supernanny. Well, sort of, since I watched it in between putting things away in our room and playing with Kero and Willow.


Dad and I got i-tunes installed on my laptop. Before now I've been just letting him put stuff on my i-pod for me, but I decided I wanted to be able to do it myself. So, we got it on there no problem, but then Jaws didn't want to know. We thought at first that this would mean Dad would still have to sort it for me, but then we found an option in the settings to "allow keyboard navigation" so we ticked that box. Now Jaws works with i-tunes, so yay! Unfortunately, I haven't actually figured out how to work it properly yet, and Dad can't help much, because clicking with a mouse is a lot different to navigating with the keyboard. But at least there's hope of my figuring it out, since Jaws and i-tunes are playing nicely together. LOL!

Anyway, I watched a movie with Wayne in the evening. It was "I Always Know What You Did Last Summer" which - for anyone who doesn't know, but is interested - is the third movie in the set that starts with "I Know What You Did Last Summer." So, basically, it's a slasher movie. It was alright, though after seeing all the slasher movies I've seen I was able to predict who'd die next (and wasn't far off on how either). And that's without audio description. That's the thing with those kinds of movies... Very predictable! But Wayne borrowed it from a friend and wanted someone to watch it with him, so I said I would, since I'll sit and watch just about any movie. It's funny actually. I can watch just about any type of movie without getting scared or grossed out. But books can scare me. I think probably because it takes more imagination with books? Mind you, books don't even scare me half as much as the contents of my own head do. We probably shouldn't get in to that though. ;)


I spent most of the morning playing with the dogs. Partly in the snow, partly indoors. Then I messed about on the laptop for a bit while waiting for Mam to get home. She'd gone to Norwich to take Carl and Rachel home on Sunday, and was coming home that day. We were a little worried because of the weather, but she got home safely. I spent a little time with her after she got home, then I watched a movie with Kelly, but I was planning to do a review post for that on the weekend, so I wont mention it now.

Wednesday (yesterday):

Mam, Dad and I were meant to go shopping, but - as I mentioned in yesterday's post - we couldn't get the cars out to go anywhere. Even the gritter couldn't get up the road, so Mam and Dad's cars had no chance. Instead, Mam and I went to the shop to get some bread and milk, and later Mam went up to the post office to get some gas (the kind that makes it possible for us to have the central heating on). Then Mam and I played on her Nintendo Wii... Well, in between playing in the snow. LOL! I got bored before her though, so Wayne took over my spot and they played together while I came upstairs to do some things on the laptop. Then - after dinner - I had a snowball fight with Wayne, made sure I was caught up on blogs, then fell asleep watching TV.

Thursday (today):

It took us almost two hours from when we started getting ready to leave to go shopping, to when we actually left. First we had to thaw the car out, then we had to shovel snow away from it to clear around it enough so Dad could drive on to the bit that the gritter - which had finally managed to get up our road - had put salt on. So, instead of it being about mid morning we got to Tescos, we got there lunchtime, which meant it was mid afternoon by the time we were home. After that, Kelly and I made dinner, then I came up here to get caught up on blogs and e-mails again.

Kelly and I will be making dinner on Thursdays as a general rule now. I say, "as a general rule," because it obviously doesn't apply if something serious comes up. Anyway, it was one of the things agreed on when we divided up chores when we decided we'd be moving back home. You have to divide chores - and have at least a basic routine - to make a house with six adults living in it full time run at least semi-smoothly.

There's still a lot of snow on the ground, but a lot of it has become ice. No more has fallen since yesterday, but more is predicted over the weekend. We'll see what happens. I'm not bothered either way now. I love my snow, but I've had a good snowfall, so - while I'd be happy to accept more - I'm not too bothered if we don't get more, or if this snow melts and goes away. I would, of course, be sorry to see it go - though I'm sure many others wouldn't be sorry to see it go - but at least this year I can say I had a decent amount of snow, and plenty of oppertunities to enjoy it! :)

OK, I think that's just about everything for now. So...

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay warm, and stay safe!



Deanna said...

You wear me out!

You couldn't pay me to play in the snow lol. It sounds like you've been keeping just incredibly busy. I hope you are keeping warm in between playing in the snow.


G said...

I'm impressed.

You managed to do a lot of stuff in a short time frame.

Playing in the snow sounds like a blast, reminds me of my younger days (or at least when my kids were younger).

AliceKay said...

Keeping busy is good as long as it doesn't tire you out too much. I'm glad you're enjoying that snow. We have a couple more inches on the ground (and cars) this morning and it's still lightly snowing.

I took a little video of the snow this morning because there are some wild turkeys clucking away up in the corn field by us, but I don't know whether you'll be able to hear them on the video. I'll post it sometime when I get a chance.

Gotta go get ready for work now, and then go out and drive in this mess. :\

Toriz said...

Yes, I've been keeping warm too. One of the benifits of living in a house with five other aduults is that the chances are rather high that someone else wants - and is willing to make - a warm drink, so it's quite rare for there not to be warm drinks available on cold days.

You're never to old to go out and play in the snow... Those memories don't have to just be memories!

Cool! :)

Toriz said...

Oh, and, AK:
Good thing is, I'm sleeping well (at the moment) so I'm getting back the energy I'm burning. :)