Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome to my world of snow!

When we went to leave the house on new year's day, we realised it had been snowing for a little while, and it was still coming down at a decent pace. So Mam had to drive us back to our place in the thickly falling snow. We got there safely though.

after she dropped us off I took these photos of the falling snow.

My footprint in the snow...

I just "had to"... Nobody else had walked on that part of the path, and I just couldn't resist! I just love the crunchy sound snow makes when you step on freshly fallen snow that nobody else has stepped on!

And here's a snowy garden pic I took. As you can probably tell from the snow starting to drift at the wall, there was a bit of a wind followed the snow. Not one of those nasty, howling winds. But once the pace of the snow falling decreased, the wind did get up a bit.

Here's what we woke up to Saturday morning.

Hey, look... Snow cones for the birds!

Don't worry, we did empty all the feeders of snow and replace the snow with food afterwards. We had some fat ball things, since we figured that - in this weather - they could do with the extra fat they contain. Might help the little Robins - and any other birds still around - to keep warm in all this cold, snowy weather we're having

We did get a bit more afterwards. We had a good four inches on the ground at one point.

Some of it melted a bit on Sunday, and other bits - the parts where a lot of people had walked - turned quite icy. There was still enough snow for me to make some mini snowmen on the wall Sunday morning while waiting for Dad to pick us up though. Sorry, I never thought of taking photos until afterwards... Once it was too late. I did check how deep the snow was at that point though. There was a good 2 to 3 inches still on the ground when I checked around 11:30 am Sunday morning.

Some more of it had melted by Monday, and by Monday evening we just had a light layer of snow left on the ground. But then - Monday evening - it snowed some more. And by the time we got up this morning (Tuesday morning) there was a good half an inch.

But then, guess what? It snowed more!

It snowed quite heavily for a while, and by the time I had grabbed my camera, put my wellies on and gotten out there with Kero and Willow, there was a good 2 inches on the ground. And I know it was fresh snow, because I went by the amount on the path, which Wayne had cleared yesterday (Monday) afternoon. So, since yesterday afternoon we'd had two more inches of snow. And it was still snowing when Kero, Willow and I came back inside (after having a good play in the snow, and a game of "see how many snowballs Willow can eat" in between the dogs rolling and chasing each other about in the snow). It did calm down a bit soon after that though, and Dad just looked and said he thinks it's stopped... For now! But there's got to be close to three inches of it.

We're meant to get more before the week's out. In fact, they said this sort of weather is meant to last until around January 17th. So, I guess I have snow to spare this year! YAY!

Maybe I should send some to Styxie? I bet she'd like that!

Does anyone know how to send snow via air mail without it melting?


Note, added at 1:50 pm: It was snowing again for a while, but now it's stopped again.


AliceKay said...

LOL @ the bird snowcones.

I'm glad you got some of this snow. We like to spread the wealth from time to time. LOL

I think you need dry ice to send snow via air mail. :) I bet Styxie would appreciate your offer. LOL

I hope you're having a good Tuesday.

Toriz said...

Thanks for the snow shipping info! ;) LOL!

Yes, I'm having a good Tuesday. You?

Intense Guy said...

LOL! I wonder what flavor the birds like their snow cones?

I should send you a big plastic lined box so you can use it for sending snow to Styxie!

Deanna said...

It is just plain cold here. We've received very little snow (thank goodness). Maybe you can pack the snow in dry ice and send it back and forth and have snow all summer long! lol I loved the snow cone comment.

ChicagoLady said...

Nice snowfall you got there! We have snow on the ground here, been here for about 2 weeks now. The temps haven't been above 25F since then. Is it spring yet? LOL

Toriz said...

Vanilla, by the look of it. ;)

Good idea (about the box).

Nah, I don't want snow all year. Just in Winter. Winters are meant to be snowy, so yay for this Winter being like it's meant to be! ;)

Nope, it's not Spring yet. LOL!