Friday, February 05, 2010

Kero's korner: all about walkies and naps

Hi humans.

We've had all kinds of weather this week, so walkies haven't been happening every day like they should. On Sunday that snow stuff came back, and it was very icy with it. The ice was gone by Tuesday, but it was very wet. We did go for walkies that day, because we hadn't been for a few days so Mami thought we should go. We didn't go walkies in Wednesday's rain though, because it was worse than Tuesday, and we got soaked enough then, thank you very much!

Willow and I have had lotts of play time together, and she's getting really good at joining in with me when I bark warnings to the humans. It seems she's a very fast learner when she wants to be.

Mami hasn't been feeling too well lately - as you already know - so she's needed lots of naps, which is absolutely fine by me. I mean, you all know how much I love my naps! I just wish I'd remember more often not to roll over when I'm on the edge of the bed... Floors are hard!

That's pretty much all that's been going on this past week, so I'm going to let this do for this week's post. Besides, it's almost time for me to get Mami to sort our lunchtime trreat.

Licks and sniffs,


Intense Guy said...

LOL! Fell off the bed did you? Maybe you need to put a blankie there - just in case...

Licks and sniffs,


Deanna said...

I hope Mami gets to feeling better very soon. Take good care of her!

I have some pillows you can borrow...

AliceKay said...

I was thinking you needed some kind of cushion on the floor to break your fall. A blankie or some pillows would work, tho. (good suggestions, Iggy and Deanna)

I hope your Mami feels better real soon, too.

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you all. My doggy bed is near the bed, but I seem to miss that when I fall off the bed. I'm trying to remember to lay between Mami and Dadi so it's one of them who fall off the bed, not me!

Licks and sniffs,