Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So far in roleplaying (LBE)

I'm posting this for the benifit of anyone interested in the roleplaying games. I did this originally to post on Dad's forum as an update for what's been going on at the gaming club, so it didn't take much to just copy and paste it in to this post... Enjoy!

In Kelly's D and D campaign, The Company Of The Raven - consisting of Cassi the human priest, Gwydion the elven ranger, Poppy Bramblerose the halfling wizard, Mojo the halfling rogue, Thorfin the dwarven warlord, Nemeia the teefling warlock, Erdan the half-elf wizard, Draco the dragonborn fighter, and another halfling rogue currently known as Robyn (until we can think of a better name for her) -has been doing much adventuring. Firstly, for those wondering how such a large party works, Cassi, Gwydion and Poppy are always there, but the others alternate depending on who is playing. We usually try to have one of the rogues with us, plus either Nemeia or Erdan, and either Draco or Thorfin. Anyway, the adventure started when Poppy received a letter from a fellow wizard requiring her services in Loudwater. Something was causing the weather to be unseasonably cold, and he suspected the cause was magic related, and thought she could help. Of course, everyone agreed, and - leaving Thorfin, Erdan and Mojo in town - the other six headed off in the direction suspected to be the source. It turned out to be a tower. I forget the technical details - perhaps someone can fill them in? - I do remember though that it was a place filled with dark magic, in which demons were trapped, servants had died after being locked in it when it was sealed after the wizard who lived there was taken away, and a magical orb on the roof was guarded by some kind of elemental type thing. Everyone was at a loss as to what to do, until Gwydion offered to use Fey Step to go in to the Fey world and get help from them since it was their magic. They gave him a spell which had to be read by a wizard, so when he brought it back Poppy did the honors. Luckily, the spell worked, and everything went back to normal, much to everyone's delight.

Then Cassi received news from her cousin that it was urgent that she went to Winterhaven, and - naturally - she was eager to answer the summons. So, to Winterhaven they went, killing a few Kobolds on the way. When they got there they told Lord Padraig - the guy in charge in Winterhaven - about the kobolds attacking, so he asked them to find their camp and destroy them. Cassi, of course, wanted to look for her cousin first, so the group went to the secret underground temple of The Raven Queen to look for her. She wasn't there. Fearing the worst, Cassi was eager to head out to the larger temple not far from town, however, it was getting dark by this time, so everyone thought it would be best to first go back to town, stock up on supplies, get some rest, and find out what information they could from the residents of Winterhaven. Cassi reluctantly agreed, but only on the condition that a search for her cousin be made first thing in the morning. It was. The Company Of The Raven headed out to the much larger and more impressive temple of The Raven Queen just outside of town, this time leaving Thorfin, Erdan and Robyn in town. Cassi was horrified to find blood just inside the entrance to the temple, and no sign of her cousin. Poppy and Gwydion spotted tracks, and followed them for a while, discovering that they were heading in the direction they had been told the Kobolds seemed to be coming from. Leaving Gwydion there, Poppy returned to the temple to fetch the others, arriving just in time to persuade Cassi not to strangle Mojo, who she had by the throat after spotting him checking if some golden items in the temple were really gold, and possibly wondering if he really should steal from a temple. After calming Cassi down, and explaining to Mojo that even touching anything in the temple where Cassi's cousin may have been murdered probably isn't the best idea - especially with her standing right there - Poppy led Cassi, Draco, Nemeia and Mojo to where Gwydion was waiting, and they all followed the tracks left by the Kobolds. Of course, they found them and killed them all, finding the chief of the kobolds eating what seemed to be the charred body of Cassi's cousin. Allowing Cassi time to properly bury her cousin's remains, they returned to Winterhaven with the news of their kobold slaying, and of the letter they had found with the chief which seemed to suggest some kind of plot was at hand involving the keep near Winterhaven. As you might expect, The Company Of The Raven was asked to go and check it out. They then spent several days purging the keep of various creatures, including Hob Goblins, Gilatinus Cubes, and various undead creatures, with occasional trips back to Winterhaven to give reports, have proper rests, or swap Mojo, Draco and Nemeia for Robyn, Thorfin and Erdan (not necessarily in those groups, and not necessarily all at once). As you might imagine, they managed to find out exactly what the plot was about - which involved opening a portal and releasing undead creatures in to the world - then battled their way through the many levels of the keep in order to prevent it from happening, arriving just in time to stop the one doing it - I forget his name - from opening the portal fully.

Heading back to Winterhaven, they planned for a rest, but - alas - it was not to be. For waiting for them was the news that their services were needed as rescuers and explorers. For one thing they were asked to find out what they could about a laberinth-like underground minator city a few days walk away, and for another thing they were given the news that some people from a nearby village (or possibly small town) had been captured by slavers, and that the people from that village/town wanted someone to go rescue them. And so, abandoning their plans for rests, they headed off once more, finding themselves in an ogre infested underground city where they were told of yet another kidnapping... This time the nephew of the halfling who owned the inn. Of course, they agreed to rescue him - since they were there - and slaughtered a few slavers in order to do so, making themselves a few hundred gold by returning both the nephew and some stolen alcahol of some sort to the inn. They now find themselves slaughtering various creatures in this underground laberinth-like place, while attempting to learn more about it and find the whereabouts of those captured from the village or small town near to Winterhaven.

Meanwhile, in Julian's Warhammer Fantasy campaign, a group of adventurers find themselves in a small city just in time to hear about an advancing army of beast men, and to help the city guards to slaughter some mutants who have managed to enter the city. The citizens fled, and the adventurers joined them, leaving them briefly along the way to warn another small city they passed, which the citizens of the first city refused to even speak about without spitting, let alone warn. Their warnings seemed to fall on deaf ears, but the party decided that they had done their best to do their duty, and it wasn't their fault if their warnings were ignored. It took them little effort to catch up with the citizens of that first city, since they were only carrying their adventuring gear, where as the citizens were burdened down with all their belongings - those they could grab quickly anyway - as well as old people and children. All seemed well at first, but then there began to be attacks, which - of course - our heroes did their best to help to stop. Their priest was killed, giving the adventurers a mysterious package to take to someone in the large city they were heading to. Then "Granny" went missing one evening, and the party - which consists of Rowan Greenleaf the halfling thief, Rolo Goldleaf the halfling field warden, Dimsad The Fearless (well, mostly) who is a dwarven fighter, and Idrial the elven mage - went to find her, only to find that she was about to open some dark portal using magic, and that she was being guarded by wolves. Wolves who attacked the party, even somehow managing to bite Rolo's head when he was up a tree. Rowan had planned to follow Rolo up said tree, however found herself attacked by a wolf before she managed it, so was forced to make desperate stabs at it with her dagger to prevent it killing her. Once the wolves and Granny were dead, Idrial destroyed the book Granny had been attempting to use, then somehow got the others back to where the citizens of that city were camped. Arriving just in time to stop some sort of attack that cost the use of one of the wagons the citizens had been using.

Eventually, however, they reached the large city, and found the priest they were to give the package to. They soon found themselves being arrested on suspicion of the murder of that priest, since he was killed right after they left him. In order to prove their inocence they agreed to help to solve the murder, and returned to the temple where he was killed to find that he had been killed by a poisoned dart while examining and making notes on the item that had been in that mysterious package. When they went and reported this they were told of other murders done with identical darts, and found themselves caught up in a large investigation in order to find a link between the murders. During the course of their invvestigations they discovered that a halfling who owned one of the brewerys in the city was quite the alcamyst and probably adding some not-so savory ingredients to the beer (though everyone who spoke of his beer loved it). Regardless of whether he was adding things one normally wouldn't to the beer, however, they were curious about him and his brewery since Halfling kin normally would take over land and buisnesses when one of their number died, yet this particular brewery was left empty, and had been for some time (though it was plain that someone had been to search it just before the party arrived). Upon leaving they were spotted by a young lad, but he disappeared before they could stop him, or even question him about why he was hanging around near the brewery. They eventually discovered that the murders were caused by some Skaven who were living in the sewers. Naturally, they went down there to find and kill them, which almost cost Rowan the use of her leg, leaving her with a scar below her right knee from a throwing dagger. After clearing the sewers of Skaven - at least, to their knowledge - they discovered both the picture that had been in that mysterious package, and some markings which they were sure meant something, though they weren't sure what.

Returning above ground, they were summoned to see Father Odo, a blind priest who told them of visions he had been having of a red skull. The adventurers were asked to accompany Father Odo - along with his aid, Reuben - in finding this red skull and destroying it. They agreed to do so, and headed through the forests in search of the source of Father Odo's visions. During their journey through the forest Reuben disappeared and noises of creatures fighting were heard nearby. Rolo could not be persuaded to wake up, so the others followed the source of the noise without him. They found an extremely large bear fighting some creatures... I think they were wolves... And have reason to believe that that bear is actually Reuben. However, they have yet to confirm this for sure, having not actually seen him transform or asked him. Either way, they soon found themselves at a large burial mound where they had to defeat a minator before they could even get near enough to find the entrance. After doing this, and gaining entry, they proceeded to investigate. A job made difficult by the fact that Rowan seemed unable to even attempt to touch the blood covered walls to search for secret doors without failing her will power test so badly she spent a long time alternating between running away and being sick. Dimsad The Fearless, however managed to find a secret door, and bearly touched the skull shaped handle before it opened, revealing a room in which a fountain of blood and some disgusting blood monsters of some sort awaited their arrival. Rowan failed to hit anything, being too scared to even stay in the room, and too scared to actually hit when she did manage to get up the courage to stay there long enough. Rolo wasn't much better, managing to hit once or twice, but being as eager as Rowan to be out of there. Meanwhile, Idrial was alternating between attempting to fightt the urge to run with the halflings, and attempting to find a spell that would work in the burial mound of Khorne, which was where they were. Reuben managed to get in a few hits before deciding that the halflings had the right idea, and Father Odo stood his ground, thrashing his stick wildly and managing to do some serious damage, while helping Dimsad to try to remain fearless. There were moments when Dimsad wasn't quite fearless, but for the most part he lived up to his name and left no enemy standing. The skull from Father Odo's visions was found in another room of the burial mound, as were various damaged items which they were sure would be greatfully received. Normally they wouldn't bother with damaged items, but these were items that would be considered important to the various races from which they appeared to have come. There was also - much to Dimsad's delight - a pile of gold. They now find themselves camped outside that burial mound deciding what comes next.

And then there's Dad's D and D campaigne where six adventurers - Garel-Kai the genasi sorcerer, Chali the drow asassin, Keothi the goliath warden, Shara the deva cleric, Ameriesa the elven bard, and Autumn the barbarian longtooth shifter - find themselves in the same tavern one evening after hearing that the city is in need of adventurers. They all agree that they have qualities and abilities that would help one another, so they decide to form a party, which - for now at least - they are calling The Company Of The Phoenix. Their name choice is partly due to the fact that, combined, they have many qualities that the phoenix is believed to have, and the fact that their party was - in a sense - born from the ashes of the city the Hob Goblins and Orcs insisted on setting on fire. After saving the tavern from total destruction the owner of it told them to find his mother who owned a local inn, and to tell her that they were to have free beds for the night in return for saving himself and his tavern. Before doing so, however, they went with some of the local watchmen to attempt to defend the Northern bridge, arriving too late to actually do anything, but showing willingness to help none-the-less. Deciding they needed to speak to someone in charge - and being told there was no hope of getting to speak to Councilman Troyas, who was the actual top guy - they went in search of the captain of the city guard. He wasn't there, and after a bit of a wait there was still no sign of him, so the adventurers decided to go and find that inn and rest for the night. After assuring the inn keeper that her son was indeed fine, she agreed to give them a free bed - and free meals - for the night, though she made it clear it would be for one night only, and made a point of going to confirm their story with her son at the first oppertunity.

While eating breakfast the following morning, the party was approached by a watchman who told them that Councilman Troyas wanted to speak with them. They agreed to go and see him - besides, they wanted to anyway - and found him to be an unusual elf, who was rather brisk and to the point. He hired them to find the source of the attack on the city, and gave them what information he could before sending them on their way, telling them to first go to the city square where they may find something of interest to them. They did so, and found a Hob Goblin who had been captured. They convinced it that they would get it freed if it gave out information, and Chali even returned to Troyas to ask him to hand it over to their custody, but he refused. Despite this, however, Shara - with a little help from Garel-Kai - managed to get quite a bit out of the Hob Goblin, who turned out to be quite helpful for a creature who wasn't willing to talk. Meanwhile, quite a crowd was gathering, and when the Hob Goblin began to get a little agitated Garel-Kai suggested they don't press it for any more information so as to avoid causing a riot of some sort. His advice was taken, and he, along with Shara, Autumn, Keothi and Ameriesa, arrived at the edge of the crowd just as Chali was returning with the news that Councilman Troyas had no intension of allowing them to take the Hob Goblin. The others assured her that she had at least tried, and that they had gotten information from it that would give them something to go on anyway, like the fact that Sinruth was the leader of the group calling themselves "the red hand" - which were obviously not the original red hand, since the symbol they were using was upside down - and that he had Goblins, Hob Goblins, Ogres, spiders, and various undead creatures working for him. They decided to head North in order to persue the Hob Goblins - and possibly Goblins and Ogres - who had left the city via that bridge the night before, taking several captives with them.

After several hours of following the trail, they found themselves outside a burial chamber that lay beneath the ruins of a castle. The name on a plaque suggested which family was probably buried there, and Garel-Kai had some knowledge of them, so was able to confirm that it was probably correct, since they were known to have been a very well off family, and to have been buried somewhere around that area. As you might imagine, they began exploring the burial chamber, only to discover that it contained Hob Goblins and Goblins, which they began to slaughter. They cleared the main room, and are now left with a couple of options as to which direction they might go next as there are a few doors for them to choose from.

So, that's where we've gotten to so far with those particular campaigns. Meanwhile, Gareth is eagerly awaiting the start of his Star Wars campaign, and I myself have plans to try a solo adventure in order to see how I feel about being a DM to either run a campaign of my own at some point, or do a few side adventures for others to take breaks. Whether that happens or not will depend how I feel after the solo adventure though, so don't get too excited yet people!



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