Friday, March 05, 2010

Kero's korner: photos to share

Hi humans, it's Kero here!

As Mami told you, I've not been well. She even took me to the vet, which I wasn't happy about. I especially wasn't pleased when they took my temperature, and hid my head under Mami's arm and tried to pretend that wasn't happening. Then - when it was over - I sat my butt on the floor to make sure the vet didn't try that again. And first chance I got I jumped in to Mami's arms. Then, when she put me down on the floor, I tried to let myself out... Couldn't reach the door handle though. Being a small dog isn't always a good thing!

Mami was making me have something yucky squirted in to my mouth after we went to the vet. I hated that more than I'd hated having my temperature taken! I kicked, I whined... I did just about everything I could think of to stop them being able to get that medicine in my mouth. And what did they do? They wrapped me in a blankie and held me down so as to squirt it in my mouth. Mami did cuddle me afterwards and tell me how sorry she was that she had to do that when she knew I didn't like it. But I didn't care that she was sorry, I just didn't want it to happen again, so I hid under the computer desk when I heard Mami saying about measuring it the next time. Mami had to crawl under the desk to get me.

My eye is bugging me because of this lump I have by it. Mami says the vet will take it away, but I don't want to go back to the vet! Surely there has to be another way to get rid of it?

Anyway, here are some photos taken recently.

First, me and Willow.

Me napping.

Me and Willow playing.

Me on the back of the sofa. I love this spot, because I get a perfect view out of the living room window, so I can see people walking up or down the road, or coming to visit, or whatever.

Right, I'm out of here... Time for walkies!

Licks and sniffs,


Deanna said...

Ahhhh Kero. I hope you get feeling bette. Mami loves you. Tht is why she is doing things you don't like. You look so sweet cuddled in those blankies. I can tell you don't feel good.

Maybe a walkie or two will help.

And don't sweat it about the lump by your eye. You won't like getting it taken off, but you'll get over it.


Intense Guy said...

Licks and sniffs!!

Hi Kero! Nice to see you - your latest pictures are wonderful (of course you are the perfect subject!) I really like the one of you and Willow posing peacefully! And the one of you snoozing on the sofa.

I hope you and your Mami both feel much better really soon! Its been a hard winter - spring is coming and that means walkies with butterflies and other tasty critters to sniff and maybe eat!


AliceKay said...

I'll tell you a little secret, Kero. I don't like taking my medicine sometimes either, but it helps me feel better, so I take it even when I don't want to. I hope you're feeling better soon.

I hope you enjoyed your walkie today, too.

Nice pics, by the way. :)

LadyStyx said...


So sorry to hear you have a lump bothering you. My mom and dad took me to the vet a few weeks back. It was supposed to be just for shots but mom mentioned to the lady that she'd noticed a lump on my beautiful grey tail. It hadn't been hurting me but aggravating me because I knew it wasn't supposed to be there. Thankfully it was nothing. The lady said it was a simple cyst and it could be dealt with right then. OUCH! Did it ever hurt alot getting it taken care of (she poked 2 holes in my lovely tail and squeezed and squeezed and SQUEEZED!!!) but now... there's no lump to irritate me and it feels so much better.

Purrs n miaus,

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you all for the pcomments. I'm feeling a bit funny from the stuff they gave me to make me sleepy at the vet, but other than that I'm feeling much better.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos.

Thanks for coming and commenting. I'm sorry you had such a nasty time at the vet.

Licks and sniffs,