Monday, March 22, 2010


I've mentioned in the past my issues with eating meat, and my preference for a vegetarian diet. Well, as some of you may remember, I started eating meat again around Christmas. The reasons for this were that I was concerned that I wasn't eating well enough to keep my iron level under control. Plus, I was worried that my diet preferences would make more work for people, and I didn't want to be a pain. Anyway, after talking to my doctor during the huge drop in my iron level she is convinced it's due to... Erm... Natural things that are beyond my control, and not diet related. I eat those things that are most important for someone who is anemic to eat (green vegetables) so she sees no reason why I should have to avoid a vegetarian diet if that is my preference. Therefore, I have resumed the vegetarian diet, since I feel better in myself when avoiding eating meat and fish. It's been a month since I made this decision - after only about two months of eating meat again - and, yes, I do feel better for it.

As for being a pain to others? Well, it's so far not been an issue. Everyone keeps buying me fruit, nuts, etc, and I brought myself a braille book with instructions in it for cooking most types of food in the microwave. Why the microwave? Because my parents' cooker is a gas cooker, and I don't get on with gas cookers. But I wanted a way to make myself dinner if it's a help yourself day, or if it would be a lot of work for people to adapt the meal for me to have some. Most days people are cooking potatoes, veg and meat, so I'll just not have the meat. But something like shepherd's pie, for example... Well, you'd have to make a whole other meal for anyone who didn't want the meat when that's being cooked. And that's when my book comes in handy. :)

I haven't had the chance to make much using it yet, since it only arrived on Thursday. Thursday's meal was already planned without it, Friday I had food out with Mam, Saturday Nan offered to make me food, and there's always a roast dinner cooked Sunday, so I can easily just have the rest and not the meat on a Sunday. And that brings us to today. I did make myself some stewed fruit on Saturday though, and that was very tasty... Stewed plum and pear, with a little orange juice for an extra little bit of flavour. Very tasty, if I do say so myself! :)

I'm also no longer drinking "proper" tea. I'm now drinking herbal teas instead, since they genearlly have no caffine in them, and I want to avoid caffinated drinks. So, I'm drinking herbal teas, orange juice and water most of the time, with the occasional cup of cocoa or malted milk drink before bed. Well, I have had the odd bit of pop/soda when out, but that's only because there isn't always an alternative drink available.

Oh yeah, for anyone wondering... My iron level was up to 11 the last time it was checked (bearing in mind 12 is normal). It's due to be checked again on Thursday.

That's enough out of me for today, I think. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)



Celticspirit said...

Very intersting post Tori! I do understand how difficult it can be to make vegetarian food when someone else in the house or in your case several others who like to eat meat. I'm still eating seafood and found out that it's called Pescatarian and it's actually a type of vegetarian. A couple of ideas for you since you don't like to cook with gas: how about a crock pot, an electric skillet or just one of those electric burner things you put on your counter? I find microwave food to be limited and only use mine to heat things up. I would like to hear any ideas you have for cooking stuff in it and will read any related posts with interest.

Deanna said...

It sounds like you are eating very healthy, Tori. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'll have to admit to only eating small portions of meat and fish. It just isn't something that I enjoy as much as I do my veggies.

The fact that your iron level is almost normal is great news! I hope you get a lot of use out of the cookbook! You are always so thoughtful of others.

Toriz said...

I always thought microwave cooking would be limited too, but my brother suggested the use of the microwave since most of the time I'll probably be only feeding myself. So, I got the book - like he suggested - and it's actually amazing what you can apparently cook in the microwave. I'll keep you posted though, and will probably put any recipes I try out on my recipe page.

I did know that someone who eats seafood but not meat is a type of vegetarian (though I didn't know what it was called). Personally though I don't like seafood. Appart from anything else, there's the fact I can't stand the taste. I used to like it in moderation, but I've never really liked it all that much, and have grown to like it less and less as time has passed.

Toriz said...

Well, I don't want to be a pain. I mean, there are enough things that have to be done for me without making more work for people.

MarmiteToasty said...

We eat loads of vegetarian grub... not cos we dont love meat but cos vegitarian grub is scrummou... I tend to do meat grub one day and then veggie grub the next....

I make a wicked sweet potatoe and lentil curry, sometimes I put spicy sausage in it (I dont eat it those days but me lads love it), and I make a wicked lentil and garlic mushroom bake with stilton topping :)

I couldnt live without meat, I love the taste and the texture, I suppose when Im old and frail with no teeth is will have to be porridge so Id better chew all the meat I can now :)


Wendyburd1 said...

I could NOT stop having chicken, plus I need the protein having had a gastric bypass. So are you a total vegetarian? No milk or egg products.

AliceKay said...

That's great news on your iron level. I hope it reaches the normal number at your next visit.

Sounds like you're enjoying the vegetarian diet. Not something I'd want to try, but you seem to enjoy it, so that's great. :)

Toriz said...

LOL! You're a nut!

You'll have to start sharing some of your recipes. :)

No, I'm eating eggs and dairy. Although, the dairy stuff has to be limited because I'm lactos intollerent. I just keep the dairy stuff to a minimum. As for the eggs... I considered not having them, but I decided I would keep them in my diet. So, I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan. :)

As for protein... Plenty of non-meat items have protein in them.

Yep, that is what matters. :)

Intense Guy said...

I hope the new cookbook has inspired you! Find any really good recipes from it yet?

...and yeah, gas cookers and you.. and gas cookers and me don't get along very well either!

I have a very slow electric ceramic top stove and when I get to using a gas one (like at my parent's house) I set all the smoke detectors off in under 5 minutes burning everything!

Toriz said...

Yeah, there are some nice recipes in the book.
Oh, so it's not just me then? ;)

LadyStyx said...

I grew up with a gas stove and so I seem to cook better on that. Electric stoves, not so much. Kinda sucks because that is all these rental units ever have in them.

I'm more of a fruit lover than a veggie lover but I'm full on carnivore...