Friday, April 30, 2010

Kero's korner: cars, tags and more (LBE)

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

I've had quite an eventful week, and you'll be pleased to hear that my good pal, Iggy, has very kindly sorted out some photos for me to show you. Thank you very much, Iggy! There will be extra licks, sniffs, and tail wags for you this week! Oh, and hugs from Mami too.

Not all of them are from this week though, a couple of them are from before, but Mami hadn't gotten them on to the PC and sent to Iggy in time for last week's post. So, I will post them today.

These first two are from when Mami, Dadi and I went to spend a couple of days at our flat a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, me looking out of the car window.

And this one looks like I'm sniffing the seat, but I was nudging Dadi in the back to ask him if we were there yet, because at this point I wasn't too sure where we were going, and I couldn't reach to nudge anyone else. I was strapped in, you see? The humans have a weird clip thing they use to atatch my harness to the seatbelt. It actually belongs to the car harness I was given - which Willow now has, because it fits her better - but works fine with any harness, so they use it on my ordinary walkies harness. Anyway, here's the photo.

Now, here are some taken last week in the garden at Willow and Mamgu's house.

Me heading out in to the garden...

Just me in the garden...

And me on Mamgu's swingseat...

(I think that last one is Iggy's favourite of the ones shown so far).

My birthday is coming up next month. It's not until nearly the end of the month (it's May 23rd), but Mamgu let me have my birthday presents from her early, and here they are:

Mami says Mamgu gave me the presents early because of the fact I was a good boy about my old toys. You see, I let Willow keep lots of my old toys at her house. I did bring some back with me, but I didn't make a fuss when I realised Willow was keeping some of my toys. So, because of that, Mamgu gave me my birthday presents early.

So, on to this week...

The weekend went basically how most weekends have been going lately: walkies with Willow, Wayne and Mami, Mami disappearing off to that "club" place on Sunday, etc. Although, it was a bit weird as from that point. First of all, it was only Wayne who stayed with me and Willow on Sunday afternoon. Not that we minded, since he stayed downstairs watching TV with us, and took us out loads of times. Also, Wayne plays well with us.

On Monday though Mami, Mamgu and Dadci packed the rest of our stuff in to Mamgu's and Dadci's cars, and I was told to get in to Mamgu's car (where the strap is). I got in, and Mami strapped me in, then Mamgu and Mami got in the car, and we drove off. I was confused, and kept asking what was going on. Mami kept telling me it was OK, and we were just going home, but I didn't understand what she meant, because I thought we were going to stay at Willow's house. But then I saw the flat come in to view, and I figured out what she was talking about. Of course! The flat! That had to be what she was talking about!

We all arrived at the flat about the same time, and Mami kept me on my lead while everyone else brought our stuff in. I had a good look around, and most of my stuff was there, but some of it seemed to be missing. I found it next day though, and Dadi found where my other bed was hiding. It was in a bag. I don't know how that happened. I was SO happy when he pulled it out and put it back where my bed has always been. I wagged my tail, did laps around the flat, rolled all over the bed and sofa, then sat on my bed giving Dadi the, "it's mine... Don't touch!" look. He got the message, and went up town to run some errands for Mami.

Do you know what Mami did when he left? She put me in the bath! I HATE the bath! I don't do water, and she bathed me! Don't worry though, I got her good and wet for it. When that bath was over, she was wetter than me. That'll teach her! It was her fault. We weren't doing too badly, but then she tried using the shower thing that atatches to the bath, and I'm scared of it. She did stop and use the jug method instead when she realised I was so scared of the shower thing, but by then she - and the entire bathroom - were soaked.

When I was dried off a bit, Mami took a couple of photos of me. Here they are:

This one's Iggy's favourite of the bunch.

Dadi came home from town with a new tag for me. Here's a photo:

The humans agreed to keep my other one with Mamgu's phone number on it on my collar too. For one thing, it's an extra safety procaution. For another thing, Mamgu is my secondary contact address and number on my official papers for my microchip anyway. Anyway, the round tag is my new one (my phone number is on the other side to my name). The one shaped like a dog's head is the one with Mamgu's number on (again, it has my name on one side, the number on the other). And the square tag is the one that tells anyone who picks me up that I have a microchip. Mami and Dadi figure that between the three tags, I should be returned to them quickly if I get lost. And, since I'm microchipped, if I lose my tags, there's that too.

Anyway, Tuesday afternoon I saw the girls, and we all raced around the garden together, which was fun. Poppy tried to get me to play ball with her, but I wasn't interested. Actually, it was mostly me and Poppy who ran around the garden, because Daisy was more interested in getting attention and treats from the humans. She's good at it too, and earns Poppy and me treats with it. Good girl, Daisy!

Most of the rest of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday, I didn't do much. Mami and I went for walkies, and we also spent lots of time in the garden, since it was nice weather, and Mami brought herself a swing seat like Mamgu has. But yesterday a man came early in the morning. He smelled like Jack Russel Terrier, and let me sniff him. He stopped what he was doing to pet me too. Good human! I don't know exactly what he was doing, but he was playing with the box that makes the internet work, and Mami and Dadi seemed pleased with whatever he did.

After he went, Mami and I went for our walkies, then Mamgu brought our box that makes lots of things work on the TV down. And then Mami and Dadi spent lots of time getting caught up on stuff on the internet, while I chewed on some rawhide. Nothing exciting has happened yet today. Oh, although, I did see Poppy and Daisy earlier.

Licks and sniffs,


Intense Guy said...

Goodness Kero! You've been a busy little feller! I'm glad you got your birthday treats (hopefully the humans will have more for you on your 'real' birthday too!) and your bed got found, and Daisy 'bummed' some extra treats for you!

You look really handsome all scrubbed up. I bet Mami got really clean too from the sounds of it! LOL!

I'm glad you are all tagged up every which way! I wouldn't want you ever getting lost.

Hugs, ear rubs, licks and sniffs! And you are quite welcome - I enjoy sorting out your pictures! I get a sneak preview!


AliceKay said...

What a handsome fellow you are, Kero. All spiffed up after your bath. (i bet you enjoyed getting Mami wet more than you let on) The tags are a great idea. No one wants to be lost for long. Not even humans.

I'm glad you found your bed, and it's right back where you had it before. It's always nice to have a place to call home. :)

Get some rest this weekend. Sure sounds like you need it after the week you've had. :)

Celticspirit said...

I think you should take a bath more often Kero! You look downright purty. ;) I love your pictures, as usual. You are very photogenic.

It sounds like you are happy to be home on your own turf. Are you going to mark your territory? haha....that would get Mami back for giving you a bath. Nahhh I better behave myself now.

Those are some neat toys you got. Your humans sure do seem to love you. You are one lucky pup!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

I sure hope they do have more stuff for me on my birthday. Mind you, those things are just from Mamgu, Dadci, and Willow, so that still leaves the presents - which I'm sure there will be plenty of - from Mami and Dadi.

I'm glad you enjoy the sneak peak at my photos.

Thank you. Yes, getting Mami wet was quite fun. It's me getting wet that I hated.

You're right, I don't want to end up lost.

Don't worry, I plan to rest. I've been resting most of today so far.

Oh, don't give Mami ideas! I hate water!

I haven't marked inside, but I can assure you that I have marked every inch of the outside. Nobody can say they can't smell this place is mine again!

Licks and sniffs,

Deanna said...

The picture of you walking in the garden is my favorite. You have certainly been busy! And you even made time to visit with your girl friends. Good thing you have double tags. I'd try to steal you and take you home with me if I could!

Licks and sniffs

Toriz said...

Kero said...

I probably wouldn't go quietly, because I hate being seporated from my Mami for long. Mind you, if yyou have cheese and chicken, and maybe a sausage or two, then I wouldn't mind coming for a visit.

Gotta keep time for the ladies! Neutered or not!

Licks and sniffs,