Saturday, April 24, 2010

A sunny Saturday afternoon's scribbles

The sun is still shining here. It's great, because it's lovely and sunny, but only warm, not hot. So you can enjoy the nice weather without sweating like a pig. And yet, it's just warm enough so you don't need jumpers and coats, and you can keep the windows and back door - or, both doors, if you want - open to let some fresh aire in. Perfect Spring weather!


We had the phone and internet set up again at the flat Thursday. Well, sort of, since they couldn't finish the set up because I hadn't received my username and password information. It's OK though, they e-mailed it to me Thursday night. As it happens, I know how to sort it, and as it happens, I'm still at my parents' house, which means I still have internet access. But they didn't know that. So, where's the logic in e-mailing me the details to get online? Didn't it occur to them that there may be a possibility that I have no internet access at the moment? I mean, they don't know about me being at my parents' place using Dad's internet connection. Just because I have another e-mail address doesn't mean I can get online to access it. I wish these people would use a bit of common sense. I mean, it wouldn't have been so bad if they sent it to my mobile via text message or something. Mind you, e-mailing it to my other address isn't as bad as what I discovered they'd done this morning. Figured it out? No, well I'll tell you... They only e-mailed the information to the e-mail address I "had to" set up with them. You know? The one I can't access without that information, since part of it is my password for the account.


We moved our medical records up to the surgery near my parents' place, because it's just across the road from their house, so it was easier - especially with us intending to stay here - and now we need to move them back. So we have "new or returning patient" appointments with our own doctor on Tuesday afternoon. It's basically going to be a case of, "what are you taking this for?" "Are there any issues you haven't mentioned to a doctor and want to?" and so on. The second one I understand, but the first one irritates me, because if they just took a few moments to read your notes then they could tell why you were taking whatever you're taking. Or maybe it's a test? maybe they're really asking if you know why you're taking the stuff? Yeah, that'll be it... It's a test!

And, speaking of medical stuff:

I finally got an appointment through to see Eirona again. They don't know why I was missed... I was meant to be seen just before Christmas. I now have an appointment for May 6th.

We also had our dentist appointments come through the other day... May 5th. That's going to be a busy week. Sky is coming to sort our Sky boxes on the Monday (May 3rd). May 4th is Kero's grooming appointment. May 5th is the dentist. And May 6th is my hospital appointment.


Apart from things that have to be packed up last minute, everything is not only packed up, but has been taken down the flat. The rest of it will be going with us on Monday. Then I have the not-so-fun task of unpacking everything, and finding places for it again. *Groans*


Kero is still biting at himself. I wish he'd quit it. I swear I'm spending more time telling him to stop doing that than I am doing anything else. I know I spend more of the night telling him to, "quit that!" than I do sleeping... Despite "trying" to sleep from around 9:00 pm, and not giving up on the idea of sleep until around 6:00 am. I really hope this is just stress from all the stuff getting packed, and that he stops it after I start getting things unpacked, and after he sees that nobody is going anywhere without him. Although, if I'm honest, I'm hoping he stops it sooner, before he either does worse damage to himself, or it becomes too much of a habit for him to be able to stop.


OK, I will let this do for today. I have a few things I want to get done... Including setting up posts for tomorrow and Monday. Tomorrow I wont have time to post, and Monday... Well, I'm setting one up for Monday in case it takes us longer than hoped to get the internet set up... Got to find the router's disk before I can even start, after all.

Hope you enjoy your weekend! :)


P.S. There's a new book review posted below this post if you haven't seen it yet. If you're not interested, that's fine, but I know several of my bloggy readers enjoy book reviews, so I wanted to make sure those of you who do enjoy reviews don't miss it.


AliceKay said...

Tori...would you believe I typed up a comment...twice...and both times I clicked on the X after proof reading the "Preview" instead of hitting the "Publish"? :\

*smacks fingers really hard this time*

I'm skipping the comment and going right to the end. (i need some lunch....LOL)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I hope your busy week goes like clockwork!!

What is "Eirona"?

*goes over to Kero and gives him a friendly little 'talking to'*

Toriz said...

Sorry your comment disappeared. :(

Eirona is the one who makes my artificial eyes.