Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thinking spots

When the weather permits it, I like to take my morning cup of tea - well, nettle tea now - out in to the garden. I sit down on one of the patio chairs, or on the swing seat, and I think.

I think about my plans for the day.

I think about things that have happened recently in my life.

I think about things that happened a long time ago in my life.

I think about things I hope will happen in my life in the future.

I think about the people who matter to me in my life... My family, and my friends.

I think about the birds I hear singing in the trees, and at the feeder.

But mostly I think about the answer to whatever random question happens to be floating about in my head that morning. Be it about the mysteries of the universe, about something I heard or read recently, or about anything else that might have sparked my curiosity.

On days when it's just too wet to sit outside, I do my thinking indoors. I always find I get the best results when I'm sat in the garden though. Perhaps the fresh air helps me think?

Anyway, I was thinking about the fact I was thinking, and then I got to wondering, and what I was wondering, was this... Do you have a thinking spot in which you like to sit and think? Or, perhaps, a time that you like to set aside for reflections, contemplations, and considerations? A time and place, perhaps, for all your wonderings and ponderings?



Intense Guy said...

I almost hate to say it, but I do some of my "best" thinking in the morning shower... Something about the warm comforting water pouring over me helps the cobwebs clear up.

I daydream best in the afternoon sun... with the bright sun in my face - and the best daydreams happen just before I nod off into a pleasant, relaxed, refreshing nap.

AliceKay said...

I'm not sure if it's my best thinking, but I definitely do some serious thinking while washing and drying my hair each morning before work. Maybe I'm a little like Iggy in that regard. The water going over my head might clear up the cobwebs.

Deanna said...

I do my best thinking on the front porch, listening to the rain. Or sitting on the front porch plucking on my mandolin.

Great post Tori. It errrr made me think!

Have a wonderful day, dear.

Toriz said...

Thanks for sharing your thinking spots. :)