Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another post for this sunny tuesday (FD)

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and Kero is loving the fact the back door is being kept open.

I sat outside for a while earlier listening to the birrds and the bees, and recorded a couple of sound clips to post. In one of them, I even managed to briefly have a bee close enough to the mic part so that you can actually hear it buzzing. They're on my phone though, and I haven't figured out how to get them off the phone and on to the computer. When I figure that out, I'll post them for anyone who wants to have a listen.

Kero and I were out the front with Eleri, Daisy and Poppy earlier, and Eleri had to rush upstairs to answer her phone, so I was looking after the three dogs. I managed to keep track of where Daisy and Poppy were, but Kero took advantage of me being distracted with them, and did a runner. By the time we realised, Kero was a good way down the road. Eleri ran after him and brought him back. He wasn't impressed with her. I think he wanted to go to town or something. It wouldn't have happened if next door would shut their gate. There's no fence between the front gardens, so the dogs can easily get in to next door's garden, and since next door keep leaving their gate wide open, it's an easy escape route for Kero and Poppy. The only one I've not known to try and do a runner is Daisy. Unless she's tried it when I haven't been around. Willow hasn't been given an opertunity to try and escape that way during her visits, so I can't honestly say if she would try and do a runner or not. I think she might if she sees Kero and Poppy trying it, but otherwise? Probably not. Well, unless either Dad or a cat were out in the street. LOL!

Kero's going mental right now, because the ice-cream man's outside. I don't want an ice-cream right now though, so he doesn't get one. He only gets one if I have one. I have no problem getting him an ice-crream, but I'm not sending Kelly out to the ice-cream man just for the dog. I love him, but... That's so not happening!


Celticspirit said...

That's funny that Kero knows the sound of the ice cream man. What kind of ice cream does he usually get?
You are lucky that the bee did not land on you when you were recording it.
I'm glad you got Kero back after he tried to run away. Silly pup.

Rita said...

Someone else who spoils her pets--hehe! Buys ice cream for the dog from the ice cram truck! I love it!!! :):)

I'd love to hear the recordings if you can figure out how to post them. Glad you got the dogs back. :)

AliceKay said...

I'd like to hear the birds singing and the bee buzzing when you figure out how to hook us up. :)

Kero and the Ice Cream man. Now that's cute. :)

Toriz said...

Will get the sound clips figured out as soon as I can. :)

He always gets vanilla ice-cream with a cone. He doesn't always eat the whole cone though.

I wouldn't mind if it landed on me, as long as it didn't sting me. And it was it coming to me. Silly bee kept buzzing about near me. I think it liked me.

Oh, yeah, he's spoiled rotten! His birthday is coming up, and - of course - he's getting a card and presents.

Toriz said...

Yeah, he loves his ice-cream. My Mam started it.

Intense Guy said...

What sort of music does the ice cream truck play? Imagine the business they would get if they played something like, "Who let the dogs out?"


Toriz said...

LOL! No, they don't play anything like that. I think the one that's round most - the one Kero knows - plays "pop goes the weasel"... At any rate, it sounds like it. I don't remember the other one's tune.