Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Hound Of Death And Other Stories

By Agatha Christie

"A collection of Agatha Christie’s stories of the macabre and the occult, where a message from beyond the grave unmasks an insane killer, and a nun has the power to cause a landslide. Read by the prince of darkness, Christopher Lee."

"From the story ‘The Red Signal’ where an omen from ‘the other side’ unmasks an insane killer, to ‘The Hound of Death’ where a convent blows up – and on the remaining wall is left a black powder mark, in the shape of a great dog…

The other spine chilling mysteries are ‘The Fourth Man’, ‘The Gipsy’ and ‘The Lamp’."

(Above taken from here).

Another good collection of Agatha Christie stories.



Intense Guy said...

Agatha Christie was quite a writer. I wonder what she was like as a person (or was she too busy writing to ever socialize?)

Toriz said...

If she's anything like she was in the episode of Doctor Who she was in, then she's really nice.