Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The return of the bees (FD)

I more or less ate my dinner, then fell asleep. I woke up about four hours later, and at least some of those bees are back (if you don't know what I'm talking about, see yesterday's post).

I realised that part of what I wanted to post was a load of recipes, so I posted a load of new recipes on my recipe blog a little while ago. I still have more I want to post, but they can wait a while... 24 in one night is enough, I think. ;)


It's cold here today. Was yesterday too. I mean, really cold. I'm talking heating and fluffy socks weather! That was the reason for my comment on Deanna's blog about her being in Wales. I could do with that wood burning stove of hers about now! It was warm just the other day though... The weather's all messed up... Hey, whoever's in charge of weather... It's May! You know? May? Summer? Warm weather... Ring any bells? Mind you, I'd probably be moaning if it was hot too, and I'd much rather be cold than hot. So, when you think of it like that, I think I'll stick with this cold weather. ;)


I thought the TV in the front room hated me. I was getting really annoyed with it. You have to turn it on, press the "5" button to get it to go on channel 5 and realise it's meant to be on (why people had to make it that this step is needed for a TV these days I don't know... I wish they hadn't!) And then you have to press the AV button twice to get it on the channel for the Sky box. No problem... Well, for Kelly anyway. It wouldn't work for me though. I couldn't get it to go on AV2, no matter how many times I pressed that button. Turned out whoever it was that told me which button it was got their left and right mixed up. Once I pressed the right button, it worked. Funny that, isn't it? So, I guess the TV doesn't hate me after all... Good thing I decided against beating it repeatedly with its own remote control. ;)


I felt sorry for Kelly Monday. He brought me what he considered something nice for me... Poptarts. He even got the fruit ones, since he knows I really like fruit. I don't eat Poptarts though. He thought I was just being difficult, and told me there was nothing in them that I don't eat. So, I told him to read the ingredients. When he got down to "beef gelitine" (not sure if I spelled that right) he realised why I wouldn't eat them. They've ruined marshmallows that way too. I don't know why half the things that are in foods get put in them. My Dad says it's because it's easier to get hold of. Sounds about right... They don't think that maybe someone would like the food without bits of animal in it. They do the same with garlic mind... So many things have garlic. That's not an issue to me, but it is for my Dad... Dad's alergic to garlic... Can't even be in the same room as garlic food, and has to be out of the house when it's being cooked. It's no wonder people are starting to turn back to home cooking. There's so much rubbish in foods nowadays, and most of it isn't needed. So, let that be a warning to anyone on spacific types of diets... Check the labels, carefully, or make it yourself.


Today (May 12th) is my friend, Pam's birthday. So, happy birthday, Pam! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!


I also set up a couple of posts in draft for the things I wanted to post about, but couldn't remember any of. I figure at least if they're in draft then I can use them some time when I'm either not able to post, or not able to think of a topic. Actually, I do have some posts already in draft that I could have used, but I didn't think of that yesterday. Hey, I did say I was tired!

Right, I'm going to go see if I can get any more sleep... Later!


AliceKay said...

I'm glad you found out which button was the correct button to push. I really don't want to read a blog about an abused tv. LOL

Terri is allergic to mushrooms, and for some reason, soup companies think they need to add mushrooms to just about every kind of vegetable soup. Your suggestion of making your own is a good one.

I hope you were able to get a little more sleep. Have a good day today.

Happy Birthday to your friend, Pam.

Intense Guy said...

Ut oh. Someone in your family is "left-right" impaired? My older brother and my mom, both can never keep them straight. Its hilarious when one gives the other one directions in the car...

Go left here... (person turns right)
Good. Now up a ways, go left again (Person turns right)
Almost there now!
Go left here, right?
No, right. (Turns left)
You made it!

I'm dizzy thinking about it.

Toriz said...

Well, you came very close to reading about an abused TV. LOL!

Making your own is the only way to be sure stuff you don't want in it isn't in it. That's why I'm collecting up all sorts of recipes. I figure that way we can make our own, and if we don't want something in it, we can either leave it out, or substitute it for something else. E.g. mushrooms can easily be left out of soups for people like Terri, and garlic can be left out for people like my Dad. Or, beef stock can be substituted for vegetable stock, and meat for lentils.

Yeah, I managed to get a bit more sleep... Eventually!

That conversation sounds so familiar!

At least two family members are definately right-left impaired. Unfortunately for me, they are two of the ones who I have most to do with... Kelly and my Mam. My Nan knows her left and right... If she can think what the word is for each (well, she is 82) and I think my Dad has left and right figured out. ;)

Deanna said...

LOL about the left and right. I'm glad you got it figured out. I was on a trip once and my boss told my co-worker, who was driving, to get in the right hand lane. Co-worker moved to the left. Boss said, "right hand lane!" Co-worker moved further right. Finally boss yelled "Your other right!" oh well, it was funny at the time.

The fire did feel good. It felt so good that I didn't get out of the house at all. I just stayed home like a bum.

Hope you get some sleep.


Toriz said...

LOL Deanna!

Glad you enjoyed the warmth of the fire. :)