Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharks in the shower

Ah, you thought I was joking about the sharks in the shower that were mentioned at the end of Thursday's post, didn't you? Well, I wasn't joking at all! Or, was I? I might have been. OK, OK, I was! Well, I sort of was. Confused yet? Yes? No? Phone a friend? Ask the audience? 50 50? No, wait, you can't use that one... You used it to get down to just "yes" and "no" for your answer options. So, I guess you're just stuck with either picking one, phoning a friend, and asking the audience. If the audience hasn't gone home. Have they? They have? Ah, then you're stuck with phoning a friend, or just answering the question for yourself. So, are you confused now? Excellent! Shall I continue then? Well, I'm going to anyway.

As mentioned during the post I did recently about thinking spots, the shower is a good place to think. We don't have a shower at the flat (at the moment) but my parents have a shower, and baths work just as good anyway, so it doesn't matter. This particular train of thought happened during a shower a few weeks back though, and I was reminded of it recently.

Read on. I will explain... Honest!

I recently got myself a drawing board, which allows someone like me to draw with a normal pen and paper. Quite exciting for me, since I always loved to draw. Anyway, I then ran in to the problem of not having any pens, so my Mam gave me a little pen, which is just right to fit in my dice box that comes to the gaming club with me, making it easy to have my drawing board and pen with me at club (in case it's needed during a roleplaying session, or in case I get bored between activities, and decide I want to do some drawing).

Now, follow the train of thought:

"My drawing board is cool."
"I like the little pen."
"Will have to get more little pens... In case I lose this one."
"I have some, don't I?"
"Yeah, that's right, I do!"
"The frog and shark ones!"
"YAY for sharky pen!"
"Wasn't there a cartoon character called Sharky?"
"Yeah... Sharky and George!"

I then attempted to remember the words from the Sharky And George cartoon I watched when I was a little kid. All I could remember was:

"Sharky and George,
The crime busters of the sea.
Sharky and George,
Clear up any mystery!"

I couldn't for the life of me remember any more of the tune, and meant to look it up. But then life happened, and I forgot. Until last week, when I was sorting through some stuff, and I came across the shark shaped pen that had triggered this trip down memory lane.

The link above provides some information on the show, but more can be found on this site where you will also find a copy of the following lyrics:

"All you scoundrels, all you filth,
Sharky moves fast and is not kidding.

Gangsters, hoodlums, thugs and robbers,
George gets there and crime gets clobbered!

Sharky and George, crimebusters of the sea,
Sharky and George, clear up any mystery.

So watch your deeds, all you crooks,
George is an expert with micro hooks,
Multiple capers in the sea,
Sharky makes sure they dont go free.

Sharky and George, crimebusters of the sea,
Sharky and George, clear up any mystery."


Celticspirit said...

Did you have too much caffeine? haha just kidding. Funny post.

Deanna said...

Do a win a million dollars if I get it right?

LOL you are so funny.

Glad you remembered to find the rest of the Sharky and George ditty.


Toriz said...

I try to avoid caffine now, so it must have been something else... Maybe someone's been tampering with my herbal teas? ;)

No, you just get the satisfaction of knowing you were right. However, if I ever find myself in a position to start handing out large sums of money, I'll let you know. ;)

AliceKay said...

I went to the site, clicked on the WAV download file for the theme song and it crashed my Winamp three times. I dont think I'll try again. LOL I guess I wasn't meant to hear it.

Cute memory. :)

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

The file works for me, so I guess it just doesn't want you to hear it.

Intense Guy said...

I think you hit your head a little harder than you are letting on to...


...what's so cool is this is how my mind works in the shower too... I'll be thinking about trees and end up getting out of the shower to scribble in the 6 words I couldn't get in the NY Times crossword puzzle.

Toriz said...

LOL! Yeah, maybe I did hit my head a bit too hard this time... Or, maybe it was just one time too many? ;)

My mind works like this a lot of the time. I just don't always share my random trains of thought with people. Not sure why, since everyone already knows I've lost the plot. LOL!