Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Trying Tuesday (FD)

Today has been one of those days. You know the sort? The kind where you have the day all planned out, but absolutely nothing happens as and when it's meant to, and as a result you are left wishing you could go back and start over, while at the same time wondering if it would be worth it - even if you could do so - since, after all, things could have been worse.

I had a bad night, because I knew I had to be up early for the Sky engineer, since I wasn't sure exactly what time he would be coming, and they come any time between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. So, I wanted to make sure I was up by 7:00 am, so I could be sure to have my bath and be dressed before he got here. I'm usually up about then (if not before) anyway, but since it was important that I was up, I had trouble sleeping. That always happens when I know I "have to" be up early. It's like I'm scared to go to sleep, in case I don't wake up in time. That's why I try to arrange appointments for the afternoon if I can. Then at least I have a chance of sleeping the night before. A small chance, given my sleeping pattern - or lack of one - but a chance nonetheless. Anyway, I was determined to try and sleep as much as possible, so I stayed in bed until 7:00 am, then got up.

I tried to get Kero to go out before I went for my bath, but he wasn't having it. So, I got in the bath, only to have Kero start whining for out mere seconds after I got in. Despite the semi-private garden, however, there was no way I was getting out of the bath to let him out, so I yelled Kelly and made him get up to do it. I hate waking him too early, because he's grumpy if you wake him up early, which was how he started this morning. Thankfully though, in this case I was saved by the parcel van, which brought his birthday present. Yeah, I know it was late, but we needed to get online to order it, and couldn't do that until Thursday last week, and with yesterday being a bankholiday there wasn't any post yesterday. Anyway, that soon brightened his mood, and I was able to enjoy the rest of my bath in peace, while Kelly and Kero went back to bed for a bit.

Kero's grooming appointment was today, so Mam was playing taxi for him for me, since they don't do pick-ups any more (the person who used to do pick-ups doesn't work there now). I took him for a walk before she arrived to pick him up, and was just on my way back home with him, and telling him that "Mamgu" was coming to take him for a "car ride" so we better get home, when she called his name, and was walking along the path towards us. So, she grabbed him, and off they went. About half an hour later, she phoned me to say that she was outside the groomer, and it was closed. It was 9:50 am, and his appointment was 10:00 am, so I suggested maybe he was their first appointment, and that she should wait for the time, and see if they opened up, and if they didn't then just bring him and his grooming money home, and I would call them later and let them know we weren't impressed. She said if she didn't call back - or show up with him - in the next hour, he was in. So, I spent the next hour wondering if Kero was being groomed, or if we'd have to book him in somewhere else, since his groomer has up to a 2 month waiting list usually. I guess his groomer must have shown up in the end though, because I heard nothing from Mam until she brought him home around 3:20 pm. There was a valid reason for it being that late, but he'll tell you about it on Friday.

There were a few other things that happened this morning that I don't want to go in to on here, because I don't like name dropping on my blog. But it basically boiled down to a misunderstanding, and a teenager being a typical teenager. It was all completely resolved by about mid afternoon, but it didn't exactly get my day off to the best of starts.

Anyway, Kelly went shopping, and when he came back it turned out he couldn't get some of the items I'd hoped he would get. Nothing essential, but stuff I would have liked to have. Like some of my herbal teas, and some "smoothie bars" that I really like to have as snacks. He managed to get the banana smoothie bar, but not the cherry one, or the berry one.

Anyway, I hung around all day, not doing much of anything, because of waiting for the Sky guy, only to find that he didn't show up (despite his call last night saying he would be coming today). So, after dinner I called Sky up and complained, only to discover that it was actually really lucky I was trying to get this phone wire connected, because the boxes send a signal through that wire every so often to confirm that they are where they should be, so with how the multiroom subscriptions work, it was important that the boxes confirmed they were in the right places. Why? Because the multiroom subscription is usually just £10 on top of the amount you are paying for your Sky subscription. However, if they have any reason to suspect both boxes are not in your property, the system will assume that the boxes are in different properties, and you would be charged two full subscriptions. Meaning, my £68.50 per month Sky bill, would become a £107 per month Sky bill instead (one subscription would be £10 more, because one box is a HD box, and has the HD channels, the other is not, and can't receive them). In other words, if I hadn't wanted the job done properly, I could have been paying almost twice as much for my Sky each month, just because of lack of one little wire. Anyway, the woman I spoke to called the guy's manager to complain on my behalf, and booked for someone else to come out Friday, since I'm busy tomorrow (dentist) and Thursday (eye doctor). I told her I better not be getting charged for this, and she assured me that I wouldn't, and made me feel a bit better by informing me that, since there was only one call out fee being paid, the guy who came yesterday would now not be getting paid for coming out. Yeah, I know it's mean and petty to be pleased about it, but I couldn't help thinking it was serve him right for not doing his job properly. I mean, he never even had us sign to say he had done the job. He just went out to his truck, and didn't come back. So, petty or not, I'm glad he wont get paid for Monday, because perhaps it will teach him to do his job properly in future, so others wont have the hastle I've had getting the job finished. I mean, if he'd finished his job on Monday, it would all be done, he'd be getting paid, and I'd be getting on with my life. I also wouldn't have had to spend most of today sitting on my backside twiddling my thumbs, not wanting to get to in to anything in case he showed up, and getting bored as a result.

OK, so nothing really awful happened today, but it was just a load of little things which added up to make my day one of those I wish I could have started over with. As I said though... It could have been a lot worse. And, on the plus side, it was perfect weather for drying the washing on the line. Which reminds me, I think some of it is still out there, so before I go and do the rounds on the blogs, I better go and get it in.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe!



AliceKay said...

I've had days like this, and they're no fun. Hurry up and wait, as the saying goes. Sorry you had to wait all day for a guy who never showed up. I hope things go smoothly when the other guy comes to finish the job. (do you want my cable guy as a standby? LOL)

I hope you can get some sleep tonight. *sends you a hug cuz it sounds like you need one*

Intense Guy said...

With the dentist and eye appointments and all, it sounds like its going to be a "long" week. I hope the next appointments go much, much more smoothly.


Deanna said...

Look at it this way. Maybe you got your one bad day of the week over already!

Good luck with those appointments!


Toriz said...

Nah, I think you can keep the cable guy. LOL!

Thanks for the hugs! :)

*Nods* Yeah, but hopefully it wont be too bad of a week in the end.

Thanks for the hugs!

Thanks! I hope so!