Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waking sleep, weather, and Wayne

Well, I've been getting some sleep, but not the restful kind. The kind where you know you slept, but you can account for everything that went on nearby during the time you were sleeping. So, basically, the kind that doesn't actually make you feel like you got any rest. *Sigh*

It's been one of those sunny but cold days, where rain is threatening to fall. As it turns out, none has fallen yet, so the washing could have gone out on the washing line outside, but I wasn't sure enough to take the chance, so it ended up inside on the airer instead.

Although Mam did get Sky put back in at their place, she doesn't have all the channels, so Wayne asked me if I would record a couple of movies for him. I told him I would as long as they weren't on at the same time, because it then still leaves us free to watch what we want. They aren't on at the same time, so I told him to come and set up the recording. They're on tomorrow evening, so he came to set up the recording today, and is coming to watch the movies on Saturday. So, he'll be spending Saturday afternoon with us.

That's about as exciting as my life gets at the moment, I'm afraid. Maybe soon something more interesting will happen... Like sharks in the shower or something. You never know!


Intense Guy said...

Sharks in the shower would be pretty exciting... So would Big Bird walking in and saying, "Hi, my name is Big Bird!"

I think I could do without either of those... :)

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy.

I personally wouldn't want to see sharks in the shower. LOL

I hope you're able to get some "restful" sleep very soon. *hugs*

Deanna said...

Maybe an OCHA in the shower would be ok.... or sponge bob?

Toriz said...

LOL @ Iggy and Deanna. :)

Thanks AK.