Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Construction and cakes (FD, kinda R/WP)

The scaffolding is still up, but they haven't even started work on the roof yet. Despite the fact it's now been about two weeks. There were some council guys nearby earlier, so Kelly asked them about it. Apparently there's aspestos (sp?) in the roof, and they need someone to deal with that first. Like I said though, it's been two weeks now (OK, tomorrow is two weeks) and it's getting annoying. I mean, I can't even go to my own front gate without someone, because it's so easy for my cane to miss something like a scaffolding pole. I got a photo of the scaffolding at the front of the building.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it goes around to the back of the building.

I wish the people they say they're waiting for would hurry up so they can get on with the work, and get on with pulling down the scaffolding so Kero and I can go for our walks without me having to have Kelly take me. I mean, I have no issues with Kelly coming with me. My issue is with the fact I want him to come with me because he wants to, not because he has to. Besides, when it rains he wont come, and just takes me to the gate and goes back in, then I have to wait at the gate for him to come back and get me. It's really, really annoying, especially with the amount of time it's been up now.


About a month ago, the door handle of our oven fell off, but we weren't all that bothered, because it can still be opened and closed without the handle (you just have to be more careful). Then the knob for the oven broke a couple of weeks back, but Dad fixed it using a piece from my Mecchano, so we were able to use the oven again. Until yesterday when the door itself broke. So, now we can only use the rings. Only, I wanted a cake. So, I made some microwave cake today. Here's a photo of the cakes:

They aren't bad. Not fantastic, but they're OK. Better than no cakes, but oven baked cakes are definately better. If you either can't use your oven for some reason, have no cooker, or want a cake and only havve about five minutes to spare though, then they're ideal.

I'm sure there were some other things I was going to blog about, but I don't remember what they were now. Ah well. I guess I'll just let this do for today, and go watch Charmed.


AliceKay said...

I couldn't tell the scaffolding went around to the back until you mentioned it so I took another look at your pic. Sure sounds like a pain. I hope they get the job finished soon.

Asbestos...used for a long time but has been found to be hazardous to your health. It's best someone who knows how to handle it gets rid of it.

The cakes look good. Better than not having them, eh? :)

Deanna said...

Asbestos is not something to fool around with! I hope when they finally show up to remove it that they know what they are doing.

I can see where it is getting to be a pain. Hope they get to it soon!

Celticspirit said...

Jeeze Tori, I hope they get it done soon and get that scaffolding down so your life can get back to normal.

The cakes look good. I've never tried microwave ones but I get it's a good way to cook them in the summer when it's hot.

Intense Guy said...

Maybe someone could get some door mats or old carpet or carpet matting that you could walk on to get under/around the scaffolding. I mean if you could feel it under foot - you'd know where were?

That oven sounds pretty beat up - hopefully this will be replaced when the counsil redoes your place?

The cakes look good - I like the serving plate. Ocean World sounds like a fun place.

Rita said...

Why is it that they have to always move so slowly. Seems like it is the same everywhere with workmen. You really do need that new kitchen and appliances! I bet you can hardly wait to be able to bake again. I guess all you can do is keep telling yourself--this, too, shall pass. And keep thinking about how nice it will be when it is finally all done and they have all gone home and left you in peace! :)

Toriz said...

Iggy and Rita:
It doesn't work like that here.