Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gwydion's Sunday squeaks: An introduction

Umm... Hello? Is this thing working? My name is Gwydion, which is pronounced "Gw-id-ee-on" if you don't know. And I'm a guinea pig. A Silver Agouti Teddy guinea pig, to be exact. I am now 13 weeks old, and have been living with my new family for just over a week.

It's a nice place to live, but a bit scary at times, since the "Kero" creature keeps jumping in my house and scaring me. Like the other day, when I thought he was trying to eat me... It turned out he was just giving me kisses, but how was I to know that? I mean, there I was, and suddenly, there he was, and his tongue was on me! I was so scared! I ran about as fast as I could, and weaked, and weaked, until I got rescued by my new Mami. Oh, and speaking of my new Mami, here we are, cuddling. I love cuddle time!

I'm starting to learn that the Kero creature isn't actually as scary as I first thought it was now though. Which - as you can probably guess - is actually making it much easier to settle in to my new home. The last time he jumped in to my house, for example, I didn't even bother to weak at him. And I've been doing my very best to stay calm when he comes near to Mami when she's holding me. You see how brave I'm getting now?

And that wasn't a one off cuddle session... We've sat like that - Mami, Kero and I - several times now. I've even let Kero sniff me without panicking. And I did my happy weaks for my new Mami while Kero was sat beside us. She really loves hearing my happy weaks.

So, this is me... Gwydion the guinea pig. I will tell you more about me soon, but I have a nice bowl full of veggies and guinea pig pellets waiting for me back in my hutch, so I want to go and enjoy them. Especially since Mami says that she, Dadi and Kero wont be back until this evening (they went to something called "club"... Whatever that is) so I have all afternoon to enjoy them in peace. Ah! This is the life! I could get used to this!

Squeak soon,


AliceKay said...

Hello there, Gwydion. Nice to meet you. (i think you and Kero will become good friends very soon)

Intense Guy said...

:) That is an excellent picture of you, your Mam and Kero sitting on the swing! You obviously make you mam very happy - you can see that smile on her face.

I hope you enjoy the pellets and veggies!

Can you and Kero actually talk to each other? Or do you need a translator?

Celticspirit said...

Hi Gwydion! You are lucky to have adopted such a nice family with a nice Mama! You are going to have a great life. How do you like living outside? Will you live outside in the winter as well? We have had guniea pigs in our family in the past and they always lived inside with us. I had no idea they could live outside.

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Thank you.

I'm glad you like the photo.

I don't understand Kero, but we are trying to learn to understand each otherr.

Most guinea pigs live outside here. Yes, I will still live outside in the Winter, only with a lot of extra hay to snuggle in to. Although, if it gets below a certain temperature then my Mami will most likely decide to bring me inside... Hutch and all. It's rare for it to get cold enough for that to have to happen hhere though.

Squeak soon,

MarmiteToasty said...

what lovely photos, I think Im in love with that little pig lol


Toriz said...

You'll have to come visit him then. ;)

Rita said...

Lovely pictures! So glad you and Kero are getting along. When I had guinea pigs when I was young they ran around the house with my cats and dogs. I only let them out while I was right there with them, of course, but they got along famously. I had to watch that the dogs didn't eat the little guinea pig poops, tho--hehe! Some dogs will eat anything. ;)

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

I don't get to run about the house with Kero, because Kero gets too excited and might hurt me.

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

That's right--he is a terrier! ;)

Toriz said...

*Nods at Rita*

I've had Kero since he was a tiny puppy, and we had hamsters in the house for the first four years of his life (and a rabbit for about the first 2 years) and I've never known him to touch any of them. But you can't be too careful with a terrier.