Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's go for a walk

I thought that today I would post some photos from recent walks. The set from the place we walk every day is from the start of June, and the others are from this past Sunday. I'll start with the ones from the start of the month, so...

This first photo is a long view of the path where Kero and I walk every day.

Another shot of the path.

Some of the trees along the path.

Another shot of the trees.

There are houses on the opposite side of the path to the trees, so quite often people along the path are having parties of some sort, and we get to hear snippets of the fun they're having, smell the food, and notice any tents or other fun things they've put up for the party or BBQ they happen to be having.

So, that's where Kero and I walk each day. But sometimes we like to go for a longer walk, which we usually do with Mam and Willow. Sometimes with the addition of someone else... Usually Nan or Wayne. A couple of the places we walk are closer to where my parents live than to where I live. Like the common on the edge of the village they live in. Just before you get to the common there are a lot of fields, and it's those we walked around the edges of on Sunday.

Here's a photo Mam took of Nan, Kero and I before we left the village.

And as we were leaving the village.

Well, technically leaving it, though it wasn't too far away, and I think the properties on the edges of the fields still come under the same village. But, anyway...

If we'd gone up further, we'd have gotten to some fields full of sheep, but we didn't. So, you'll have to settle for horses instead.

Here's a Shetland Pony.

Here he is coming closer.

And here he is right up at the fence.

Just right for me to pet him.

Yes, it was definately a male.

Nearby there was a female though.

I have no idea what breed she is, and nobody was around for us to ask.

She had a really young foal with her though.

Not sure what it was - as in male or female - but we know it was really young, because horses only lay down like this little one was doing when they're really young.

The dogs weren't bothered about the horses. Kero wasn't the least bit interested, and Willow briefly touched noses with the Shetland, then lost interest. It's probably because they've seen plenty of horses. Between walking past them in the fields, and them passing us when people are riding them...

Anyway, those are a couple of the places I've walked recently. There are plenty of other places we walk. Like the park that's featured in many of the photos for the first two years of blog posts (we used to live right next to it, so Kero and I walked there every day). And we sometimes go up the mountain properly. I say, "properly," because my Mam and Dad live slightly up the mountain, and I live sort of at the bottom of it.

OK, I think this will do for today. I hope it's a nice day where you are, and that you enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


Intense Guy said...

:) I really like those pictures of you and your Nan walking with Kero and of you patting the "definitely male" donkey. (I won't ask. Nope.. not going to...)

The momma horse looks like a Palamino but I know next to nothing about horses (I know they have four legs, they were shoes and are fairly tall... that about sums it up!)

The weather looked like it was perfect those days you walked!

Toriz said...

Not donkey, pony... Shetland pony (a type of horse).

Yes, the weather was really nice on those days. :)

Deanna said...

That was a nice walk we just took, Tori.

Not going to ask how you knew about whether that PONY was male or female either. That will just have to be kept your little secret. lol

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the walk. :)

Rita said...

That was a great walk and I loved all the photos!! I can't imagine meeting ponies on a walk. What fun! You have great laces to walk with Kero. Thanks so much for sharing those with us. :):)

LadyStyx said...

Looks like a lovely place to walk. I wish we had something so nice here but it's all kinda sprawl and crawl. Lots of businesses and such. Kinda a cross between the hustle and bustle of a big city and the quieter suburban areas.

PS... igs? Palomino just describes a coloring, not a breed..

AliceKay said...

I really liked your pictures and seeing where you take your walks. The visit with the horses looked fun. :) (i aint asking either)

Karen brought Ryan here today. After they were here awhile, we drove over to Kmart and she bought Ryan a little sandbox that looks like a small turtle and has a lid. After we got back here, we drove down to the creek and she shoveled up some fresh sand into feed bags while I held Ryan and held open the bags. (not sure which was heavier...the sand bags or Ryan).

It was very hot and humid here today, and it's supposed to be a very warm night. An F-1 tornado came out of nowhere last night in the northeastern corner of our county and did quite a bit of damage. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Toriz said...

We have loads of even nicer places for walks around here. I'll make sure to get photos when I go again. Many of them I don't go to often though.

I couldn't deal with that. One of the things that mattered to me when we moved here was that there was somewhere reasonably nice nearby to walk.

*Nods in agreement at the horse comment* Just proves his point though. ;)

There was a sand pit like that at the first place I was in full time school. I suppose the equivellent to kindergarten to you, though I was only 4, since kids start school younger over here.