Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on construction and cookers

First of all, Iggy and Rita...

It doesn't work like that here. kitchen appliances are our responsibility. We don't get cookers, fridges, washing machines, etc, when we get a rented place (unless it's a partially - or fully - furnished private rented place). And if anyone had left a cooker before we moved in, it would have been removed. So, it's us who have to replace that. Hoping to do that at the end of the month. Well, order it anyway, it could take a couple of weeks to arrive after we order it. And we don't get money back because we had to get a new cooker.

There are grants you can apply for from the council to buy things like cookers, but there has to be at least three years between applications, and we had one a little over two years ago to use to buy carpets (they do decent flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, but leave the other rooms as bare floor for the tenants to sort... Again, any carpets left behind would be pulled up between tenants). Besides, it takes about as long as it would for me to get the cooker for the grant to come through, and there's no guarantee you'd get the whole amount you want.

So, yeah, buying a cooker is all our responsibility.


The scaffolding is coming down.

No, they haven't done the work. It's coming down because Eleri is moving, and she complained to the council that she couldn't get more than boxes out with that scaffolding up. Mind you, in all fairness to the council, she "should" have been out before it went up. She got the keys in April, but she wanted the decorating to be perfect before she moved in, and for various reasons - which I wont give my thoughts on here - it has taken her this long to achieve that. So, now she's making the council guys pull the scaffolding down so she can move, which I think she's doing this weekend (or next week some time). This means we get a break from the scaffolding being up. However, it also means that it will have to go back up at some point for the work it was put up for to actually get done. And I bet they wont warn me it's going up again when it's time for that to happen. Even though they are meant to let me know in advance about things like that.


I'll catch up on blogs soon. I just don't feel like it at the moment... Sleep issues... AGAIN!


Intense Guy said...

*hugs, hugs, and more hugs*

Sometimes life just gets that way. Hopefully you will be sleeping well soonest - and the cooker and roof and scaffolding nusiances will clear up quickly.

AliceKay said...

I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon. *hugs*

Rita said...

I can totally relate. It is so annoying to be tired. On my good days I feel like I have the flu--achy all over and tired like you want to curl up in bed. Makes everything an effort. I sure hope you feel rested soon. And I'm surprised to find out that renters don't get appliances or carpeting over there. Different countries--different customs. Still--you'll be glad when you finally do get your new cooker. :)

And due to the inconsiderate neighbor, you do get a scaffolding break, anyways--for a few days, at least. You and Kero will be able to go for walks as much as you want for a little while, anyways. Hurray!! Hope you have a really nice day today. :)

Intense Guy said...

Sits here with some toys and treats for Kero and waits patiently.



Deanna said...

It is a shame they had to take it down just so they can put it up again. Too bad they didn't just get the job done!

Toriz said...

Thanks all. :)

When I spent some time in Canada, I was surprised to learn that stuff like that came with the place. I mean, we even got a dishwasher with the house... *Looks shocked* Not that I want a dishwasher, because I prefer to wash dishes by hand, but still. I was impressed at the time.

Sorry, mix up with scheduled vs draft. ;)

Yep, if they'd just gotten the work done...