Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Helicopters, planes and contrails

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman!

Oh, wait... It is a plane, actually!

There have been loads - and I really mean LOADS - of planes and helicopters flying about around here lately. I think the planes are at least partly to do with training for the air show, because I'm pretty sure that happens soon, and the training ground isn't all that far from here really. I'm not 100% sure when it's on though, but I'm sure it's soon. I have no idea what's up with all the helicopters. One thing I do know though, is that all those planes and helicopters passing gave me plenty of chances to try and get photos of them. And - after several attempts, and a lot of patience - I managed to get these.

And, I managed to get these contrail pictures while we were out on our Sunday walk a few weeks ago.

And I got these ones last Monday.


Deanna said...

Now that is just plain cool!

Intense Guy said...


You impress me Tori - with your determination to get pictures such as these.

And I know you will never understand that as modest as you are.

AliceKay said...

You did great, Tori! Iggy is right in what he said, too.

Hey, maybe those helicopters are dropping seismic testing bags over there now since they've left our area. (just teasing) :p

I love watching contrails stream across the sky. They can make for some beautiful pictures.

Rita said...

You amaze me! Great pics! I love when they leave tails--hehe! ;)

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the pics. :)

It's not that impressive. I guess I just get lucky sometimes?

Anyway, thanks for sorting these photos for me. And all the other photos you've been sorting for me lately!


Man, I hope they aren't! Oh, no! What if these ones were just looking for the good spots to put the equipment?

Nah, can't be that, because with how many there have been I think the equipment would be being dropped by now.

Anyway... I used to love watching contrails and clouds too. I was one of those people who could lay for hours just watching the clouds and making shapes out of them.

Glad you enjoyed the pics. :)