Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So this is home (kinda FD)

OK, I've got some catching up to do with outings. So...

A week ago Friday, Kelly, Kero and I walked up town together.

This is the main street through town.

Yep, it's quite a small town, since other than a few shops on streets leading off from this street, that's pretty much town. But that's just fine by me, since I don't like big places... They tend to end up really busy and crowded. I mean, we went up for the market that's there every Friday (never thought to try for a photo of that though) so this was one of the busiest days for town, yet - though there were quite a few people - you could get around no problem. Unlike bigger towns - or cities - when you can't move for people.

Anyway, we had lunch while sat on the bench outside the post office, which is up the other end of the street to where I was when the above photo was taken. There are a couple of cafes in town, and there's a Subway. But we had Kero with us and he's not allowed in them. Besides, it was too nice to be indoors, so eating outside was nicer anyway.

Then - as mentioned in Kero's post on Friday - on the Saturday, we went for a walk along by the river where I walk Kero. Only we went further along the path... Right up to the green.

Where you can actually see the river Amman... The river that's the other side of the trees and fence that line the partof the path we usually stick to when it's just Kero and I.

And right up to the bridge where you can cross the river.

We didn't cross though, we turned back when we got to the bridge.

I've practically grown up near this river. OK, with a few gaps in between... When I was in Hastings for a couple of years in my mid teens, and when I spent some time living in Canada just before and just after I got married... but on and off since I was born I've lived close enough to be able to be at the river within 10 minutes or less. The first place I lived in on my own I could hear the river (when the street was quiet enough). And ever since I was little I've played with the stones in the river with my brothers and friends.

On quiet-ish days, I can hear this river from my garden. Especially when it's been raining a lot, so the river is fast and deep. Which happens a lot, what with rain being the most common type of weather here. I love to sit in my garden listening to the river and the birds.

Another reason for the walk to the river being such a good thing to me is that it was a very, VERY hot day on the day we went to the river. The hottest day so far this year, apparently. And boy did it feel like it! I'm talking 30C (92F) and with no decent breeze to take the edge off the heat. But, somehow, it's always cooler when you're by the river.


Intense Guy said...

:) This sounds like a mighty special little stream. The rocks and pebbles look reall smooth.

Your town looks pleasant - and the village green has what looks like a charlie in it! (What more could one ask for? Smiles)

Deanna said...

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of water. Your little town looks very inviting! Lovely childhood memories.

Toriz said...

Yep, it's a nice little town. :)

There are several Charlie's around, I'm just not usually lucky enough to get photos of them.

Not all the rocks and pebbles are smooth, but many are.

Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

AliceKay said...

I visited your blog this morning before work, but I noticed it was a little longer than I had time for because I was running late, so decided I would just come back to it later. And as soon as I clicked on your page tonight, I got called away from it. I think I'm back now. *checks the chair to see if i'm sitting in it*

I found the signs in your little town fascinating. I wouldn't know how to pronouce several of them. Looks like a nice town tho.

The river looks small compared to rivers around here, but it's a very clean looking stream. Looks like nice clear water flowing over those rocks. I'm glad you sometimes have the sounds of the river to listen to.

Hot, hot, hot here today. Lots of places hit 100F around here today. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter and more humid. :(

Toriz said...

Glad you made it back in the end. :)

The river is a lot wider in some places, but yes, here it is quite a small stream.

Don't worry about it, most people can't pronounce half the places. Even some people who live around here can't pronounce half of them properly.

Rita said...

Gosh what a sweet little town--and I love the sound of water. My favorite is the gentle sound of a stream gurgling over the sand and pebbles. You and Kero should have taken a stroll in the water to cool off. Oh--that's right! Kero hates being in the water. Well, at least it was cooler there. Sounds like a great day. Loved all the pictures!! :)

Toriz said...

If it wasn't for Kero's dislike of water, I would have gone down to cool off in the river. But with Kero frantically pulling me away from it, that so wasn't going to be an option.