Monday, August 09, 2010

Short story: The Lonely Little Princess

~Written for Shireen Elizabeth McNulty, aged aprox 7 years old.

Once upon a time there was a princess named Emily. Princess Emily was a beautiful little princess who lived in a great big castle with her Mummy and Daddy, whose names were Queen Kate and King Paul.
But Princess Emily was not a happy princess, because being a princess and living in a big castle on the edge of her Mummy and Daddy’s kingdom meant that Princess Emily had nobody to play with, because children from the kingdom were not allowed to visit Princess Emily in the castle. So, Princess Emily was very lonely.
Queen Kate and King Paul did everything they could think of to try and make Princess Emily happy, but nothing worked.
They brought her all sorts of toys and games to play with, but, Princess Emily just looked at the toys and games, shook her head sadly and said “Toys and games are no fun if you are playing alone.”
So, they brought her a pony, but Princess Emily just shook her head again and sadly said “A pony’s no fun when you have nobody to ride with.”
They tried everything they could think of. But, no matter what they tried, Princess Emily would just shake her head and sadly tell them that it was “no fun alone.”
One night, Queen Kate and King Paul were sitting on their thrones drinking big mugs of cocoa and Queen Kate had a sudden idea.
“What if we got Princess Emily a puppy?” She asked King Paul.
“That’s a great idea,” King Paul agreed.
So, the very next day, Queen Kate and King Paul set off in their carriage to fetch a puppy for their little princess.
When they got home they went straight to Princess Emily’s room and gently put the puppy in her lap. Because, of course, you have to be very gentle with puppies, don't you? Princess Emily liked the puppy very much and she thanked her Mummy and Daddy for buying the puppy for her. But then she looked at them and said. “I do love my new puppy, but it’s not the same as having someone to play with.”
Well, Princess Emily was a lot happier with her new puppy to play with, but still, her Mummy and Daddy knew that she was still not as happy as she should be and was still feeling very lonely.
Queen Kate and King Paul had now run out of ideas. “What can we do to make our little princess really happy?” They asked each other, then they shook their heads and both agreed that they had run out of ideas.
Then, one day, when Princess Emily was playing with her puppy, which she had decided to call Harvey, she heard a noise. It sounded like a boy laughing, but it couldn’t be, could it? After all, children were not allowed inside the castle.
Princess Emily stopped playing with the puppy and asked. “Who’s there?” But the only answer she got was more laughing. So, again she asked. “Who’s there?” When she still did not get an answer to her question she got very angry and said. “I am the princess and if you do not tell me who you are then I will get my Mummy and Daddy, who are the king and queen and they will throw you in the dungeon.”
“No, don’t! Please!” Said a voice from behind the curtains, and a little boy came out in to the room.
“What are you doing in here?” Princess Emily asked him.
“I just wanted someone to play with,” said the little boy.
“I have lots of toys and games,” Princess Emily said excitedly. “Would you like to play with them with me?”
“Oh, yes, that sounds fun,” said the little boy.
“What is your name?” Princess Emily asked him.
“My name is Nate,” the boy told her.
“Nice to meet you Nate,” Princess Emily said. “My name is Princess Emily, but you can just call me Emily if you want to.”
Princess Emily and Nate played together all afternoon and they both enjoyed it very much and Princess Emily was happier than she had been for a very long time. She was so happy to have someone to play with that she forgot all about the rules about no children being allowed to come in to the castle.
When it was time for tea, Queen Kate came to get Princess Emily and saw her playing with Nate. It was lucky that she waited and watched them for a while because otherwise she would have been very angry to see Nate in the castle. But, because she saw that her little Princess was so happy she could not be angry with Nate. Instead, Queen Kate asked Nate to come again tomorrow to play with Princess Emily. And he did.
After Nate had been coming to play with Princess Emily for a long time, Princess Emily decided she would ask him about where he lived. So, when he came the next time she turned to him and said. “Nate, where do your Mummy and Daddy live?”
“I don’t have a Mummy and Daddy. I sleep in the stable with your pony,” Nate told Princess Emily.
“But you need a Mummy and Daddy, and you can not sleep with the pony. People don’t sleep with ponies,” Princess Emily told him.
Nate told her that he didn’t mind, because the pony had a nice bed of hay and it was very warm, but Princess Emily was not happy and decided to tell her Mummy and Daddy about where Nate was sleeping. So, that night, when her Mummy was tucking her in to her bed she told her Mummy all about Nate sleeping with her Pony.
“We can’t have that, can we?” Queen Kate said.
“No, Mummy, we can’t,” said Princess Emily. “Because, people do not sleep with ponies, do they Mummy?”
“No, they do not,” her mummy agreed.
After saying goodnight to Princess Emily, Queen Kate went to tell King Paul all about Nate sleeping with the pony.
“We can’t have that,” said King Paul. “Let’s bring the boy in here and we can adopt him and make him our son.”
So, Queen Kate and King Paul went straight to the stable where Nate was sleeping and brought him inside the castle.
The very next day, King Paul called everyone in his kingdom together and told every single one of them that from now on the boy who had slept in their stable until last night would be called Prince Nate and would be living with them as if he was their son.
And that’s exactly what happened.
Princess Emily and Prince Nate lived in the castle together with Queen Kate and King Paul, who were now Mummy and Daddy to both of them. And, of course, Harvey the puppy lived with them too. And all of them were very happy. But, most importantly, Princess Emily was never lonely again and Prince Nate never had to sleep in the stable with the pony again.

The End


AliceKay said...

Excellent writing from a 7 year old. Wonderful story, too. It has a happy ending, and we all love to read about happy endings. :)

Deanna said...

What a sweet little story.

Celticspirit said...

Adorable story!

Toriz said...

It was written for her, not by her. I wrote it for her.

AliceKay said...

My mistake...I misread the first line. You write very well, Tori. I've known that for a long time. :)

Intense Guy said...

:) You wrote an adorable story! Hmm.. a puppy named Harvey.. who'd of thought of such a cool name!

I bet Shireen enjoyed this - did you read it to her?

Toriz said...

No problem, and thanks. :)

Actually, I wrote it after making it up for her one evening. I often made up stories when I was putting her to bed, but most of them I never bothered to write down.

Rita said...

Oh Tori! That is such a sweet story! I am glad you wrote it down. That would make a great children's book. Thanks for sharing! :)

Toriz said...

Thanks Rita. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)