Thursday, September 16, 2010

Emma-Jane photos from yesterday (kinda FD)

I bet you wont be surprised to hear that I had the camera out while Emma-Jane was here yesterday? Well, I did have the camera out - as those who know me would expect - and Iggy very kindly sorted the photos out for me after Emma-Jane went home. So, I figured I would post them for you all to see. First though... Thanks again Iggy for sorting them for me! :)

This first photo is one that Kelly took. This is Emma-Jane asleep in her pram (taken not long before I wrote yesterday's post). The pram was parked in our hallway (just outside the living room door, and quite literally a few feet away from where my desk that I usually sit at to use the laptop - when I use a desk, and don't just have it on my lap - is).

And here are a couple of photos I took of her while she was laying on a blanket on the floor.

The apple toy she's playing with in these two photos is a battery powered toy with different settings where when you press the different buttons it either plays tunes, says the word for the picture on the button, teaches you the alphabet, teaches you the beginning sounds of the words, or teaches you the ending sounds to the words. We've had it since Shireen was a baby, bearing in mind she's now almost 12 years old. Shireen used to really like it, and Emma-Jane seems to enjoy it too. She played with it for ages, alternating between pressing the buttons on it, sliding the slider that changes the setting it's on, and attempting to eat it. As all good babies should, of course. LOL!

She was also quite interested in examining the blanket she was laying on.

If her face - and any other part of her - looks a bit dirty in the next few photos, it's because it was... I'd not long fed her when they were taken. Feeding a wriggly baby is tricky. Not to mention messy. Especially when you have to somehow keep her legs and hands out of the way, hold the bowl, hold the spoon, and navigate the spoon full of food to her mouth, only have two hands to do all that with. And having a certain little dog alternating between attempting to beat Emma-Jane to the spoon, and attempting to lick her clean tends to add to the difficulty. We got through it though, and though much of the food didn't make it in to the baby, most of it did, and she obviously had enough to eat, or she wouldn't have been so happy and content... Hungry babies tend to be grumpy babies, after all.

She's forever ending up with her bib partly covering her face... She keeps trying to eat it.

She's such a happy little baby.

Who always has a smile for you.

And she's a real joy to look after.


AliceKay said...

Aww...sweet pictures. I'm glad you and Emma-Jane have been spending time together. It's good for both of you. She looks like a very happy baby. :)

*waves to Iggy and says thank you*

Intense Guy said...

She is a happy baby - that smile on her face is so sweet and so pleasant. She really seemed entranced by both the apple and the lion on blanket.

This entry made me smile - the part about Kero jumping in to get some baby food and to lick the baby's face made me laugh!


Rita said...

Thanks Iggy! These are sooo nice to see, Tori! She does look like such a sweet-tempered little girl--and didn't look very food-smeared to me. ;)

I am still giggling about Kero trying to grab a lick before the spoon made it to Emma-Jane's little mouth. Love it! Just cracks me up!!

What a wonderful time. Thanks for posting the pictures. :):)

Toriz said...

Glad you all enjoyed the photos. And thanks again to Iggy for sorting them for me! :)

Deanna said...

That blanket is so bright and colorful, I'd be playing with it too. She has a beautiful smile!

Toriz said...

It's one of my blankets that I curl up with on cold evenings. It's as soft and warm as it is bright and colourful.