Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carl's birthday 2010

Today is October 16th, which means only one thing... That today is my little big brother's birthday. Yep, Carl celebrates his birthday today.

These are old photos, but I don't think I've ever posted them on here before, so I figured they would be a good choice. I don't think Carl had his bushy beard when these were taken, but other than that he probably hasn't changed much. Besides, I don't have any photos of him with his really, really bushy beard that he now has, anyway.

Happy birthday, Carl!


Rita said...

Happy birthday, Carl!

You need to get a picture of him with his bushy beard--hehe!

Looks like he has Kero approval. :):)

Toriz said...

Will see what I can do when he's here for Mam's birthday in a couple of months. ;)

Yes, he has Kero approval. lol!

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Carl. I hope you're having an excellent day!

(i remember seeing him with a bushy beard in his wedding photos)

Toriz said...

It's even bushier than that now.

Intense Guy said...

Yep, Kero definitely approves of Carl!

Happy Birthday dude!

Toriz said...

That's going to be an interesting conversation.

"Hi Carl, Karl says to say happy birthday."