Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blood Lines: Long and short stories

By Ruth Rendell

This collection of long and short stories probes the patterns of everyday life to pinpoint the frailties, the desires of deception, and the guilty secrets of human beings. It ends with "The Strawberry Tree", a novella-length tale of lost innocence set on the island of Majorca.

(Above taken from this page).

This was an enjoyable collection of stories, sent to me by a very good friend. Definately worth reading.


Rita said...

That's a nice gift to get. Sounds like a set of books you will enjoy. :)

Toriz said...

Yes, it was a nice gift to get. :)

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed those stories. The description sounds quite intriguing.

AliceKay said...

You have some very good friends. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the collection of stories. Looks interesting.

Toriz said...

Thank you again! :)

Yes, I definately do! :)