Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Harry Potter Halloween weekend (LBE and FD)

I wanted to have a Harry Potter Halloween party this year, but with club happening the day of Halloween, and everything else going on... Well, I decided to just make a few goodies, and leave it at that. I'd have made the rest of the items I found recipes for if I'd been having my Harry Potter Halloween party, but I wasn't, so I didn't. Anyway, here's how I spent my Halloween/Samhain weekend:


My sleep schedule was all over the place - again - so after my nap I collected up my pumpkin carving tools...

Grabbed my pumpkin...

And set to work carving it and scooping out the contents. It took absolutely AGES! Kelly offered to help, but I was determined to do it myself. This is what it looked like when I was done:

Pumpkin finished, I set to work on the baking. Yes, I have photos, so, while I post my Harry Potter Halloween food photos, I thought I'd tell you what people thought of the things I made. I didn't make all the Harry Potter goodies, because I just needed enough stuff for a tuck each for Kelly, Dad and Wayne for club on Halloween (I thought it was an appropriate Halloween type tuck, especially with the whole family being Potter fans) and for a little something each for Mam and I for tea while we were waiting for the trick-or-treaters. I even had a Harry Potter plate and bowl to choose from to have my food on, but wasn't sure which to use (after getting both dirty, I ended up going with the plate... Well, it was me doing the dishes, so I only had myself to blame! LOL!)

Anyway, here's what I made...

Rosmerta's Pumpkin Juice.

This wasn't all that popular with the people who tried it. I thought it was kind of nice, Kelly thought it wasn't too bad (though he never had much of it, so I'm guessing he's not a big fan), Dad had a couple of sips but didn't like it, Mam wasn't keen on the idea but tried it anyway (and didn't like it at all), and Wayne... Well, Wayne isn't great with communication, but he drank it, so he obviously likes it (but Wayne eats and drinks almost anything, so no surprise there, really). I think the issue is the spices required though. I think next time I'll try it without as many spices, and see what people think then.

Rosmerta's Butterbeer.

This one had a much warmer reception than the pumpkin juice. Wayne and Mam didn't get to taste any, but Dad, Kelly and I did. Dad liked it, but found it rather rich so not something to drink in large quantities, Kelly and I felt the same way. Kelly and I also tasted it both hot and cold... It's a lot better cold. It's not bad hot (how the recipe says to serve it) but we did prefer it cold.

Chocolate frogs, using the Peppermint Toads recipe.

I wasn't too happy with how they came out... Not very neat looking. But everyone agreed that they tasted good, so I guess that's the main thing.

Pumpkin Pasties.

These were "OK"... But just OK. Mam didn't try any, Kelly wasn't too keen on them, Dad and I liked them for the first pasty, but the novelty - and enjoyment - wore off quickly, and Wayne... Well, he liked them enough to want the rest of Dad's, so I guess he liked them. I was glad I only made a small batch of them, and don't think I'll be making any in the future unless I find a different recipe to try.

Pumpkin spice cake, using the Pumpkin Spice Muffins recipe.

It was meant to be the muffins I made, but I didn't have any of those paper cases, so I just made a couple of pumpkin spice cakes instead. I made these last year (actually as muffins) and they had a warm reception. Apparently that's still the case, since Mam, Dad, Wayne, Kelly and I all really enjoyed our pieces of cake.

I was going to make some bat biscuits (just using a basic cookie recipe and a bat shaped cookie cutter that I have), but by the time I'd done the rest of the stuff I was bored of baking, and was much more interested in the idea of having a nice soak in the bath than making bat biscuits. So, the bat biscuits never got made. If I'd been doing an actual party, I'd have made sure it all got made (and probably started baking Friday instead of Saturday), but since I was just doing "Harry Potter Halloween tucks" then I figured it didn't matter, so I just had my bath, then ended up dozing on and off on the sofa while half watching TV.


Before Kelly went to club, I had him help me put up the couple of decorations I had to show the kids we were accepting trick-or-treaters (the kids don't always knock if they see no decorations)...

And put my pumpkin in the window...

Mam was coming to help me with the kids, but I wanted the decorations up in case they started coming around before she could get here. As it turned out she was here almost two hours before the trick-or-treaters started visiting, but still!

I waited until Kelly was gone to put the little chocolate bars out in my new pumpkin shaped bowl though...

Anyway, Mam and I watched movies all evening. We watched "Brother Bear" and "Casper" (the first one of each). I wont bother reviewing them, because I'm sure I have in the past. Both great movies, and both movies the two of us quite like that just happened to be on TV. So that was good! :)

We didn't get loads of kids, but I think the decorations being up this year helped, since we had more kids come this year than we have in the two previous years we've been in this place. We had several witches, a couple of vampires, an adorable little devil, and a couple of nuns (yes, I did say, "nuns," you didn't read that wrong). I was really proud of Kero, because he ended up outside when one lot of kids came, and all he did was briefly sniff the little one, then came indoors when we told him to. Bearing in mind, Kero's not known for his listening abilities. The rest of the time we were in the living room, and the baby gate is on that doorway, so we were keeping it closed to keep him back. I've never had issues with him with anyone's kids in the past, but who knows how he'd act with the costumes? After all, he hates people visiting in hats. I don't know why, because he's fine with me or Kelly wearing hats. But everyone else has to remove their hats if they want to so much as be on our doorstep. So, we thought it best to keep him back out of the way. And I stayed where he could see me through the bars of the baby gate, so he was fine with it.

Anyway, after Mam went home I turned off the porch light - and all other lights, since I didn't need them - and curled up in bed listening to the fireworks someone was setting off nearby (there's always a lot of them this time of year, because of November 5th being Bonfire Night, and then people using fireworks for Christmas parties, which have started happening now). We get fireworks right through from about mid to late October until early to mid January, pretty much. Not every night, but on and off, if you know what I mean.

I'm getting off topic here though... I should finish this post, before it ends up becoming an essay!

Where was I? Oh yes...

I was curled up, listening to the fireworks... I was also watching one of the Addams Family movies (the second one... I forget what it's called). I ended up falling asleep, which would have been great, if I hadn't woken up after only about 2 and a half hours sleep (bearing in mind this was my first time doing more than just half dozing since my nap around lunch time Saturday). Don't you just love irregular sleeping patterns? Not!

So, that was my Halloween/Samhain weekend. I'd have liked to do more. But it was a nice weekend, so I'm not complaining! :)

I still really would have liked to do a proper Harry Potter Halloween party though...


Intense Guy said...

Well with the much anticipated new Harry Potter movie coming out - you could still have a Harry Potter party!! (I would of course have a Hermione Granger party instead...)


Your pumpkin looks fabulous! He has a nice big toothy smile.

Deanna said...

I absolutely love your pumpkin! Way to go! I've never been any good at carving pumpkins, so I am very impressed.

I would have been worn out after doing all that baking. I'm really looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie.

Hope you get your sleep back on track SOON!


Aunt of 14 said...

Hi Toriz!!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and joining me! I'm over here and you know what. I'm already sold. All you had to do was mention Harry Potter, LOL.

The butterbeer, I have a recipe for it but it includes some kind of alcohol in it. I thought it was supposed to be alcohol free, but apparently this one wasn't. I also have a recipe for the messy cockroaches. Oh yum (haha)

AliceKay said...

Your pumpkin looks great. Nice and round and you did a great job at carving it. Cute face.

I was worn out just reading about all of your baking. :) Some of them sounded pretty good. I hope you get the chance to have a proper Harry Potter Halloween party sometime. I'm sure you would enjoy it and everything about it.

I hope your sleep pattern settles down to more routine sleep. *hugs*

Toriz said...

What would that be? A Harry Potter party with a reading session? ;)

Thanks! :)

I'm looking forward to the new movie too. Not long now!

Aunt of 14:
Thanks for returning the visit. :)

Yeah, I'm a huge Potter fan... Most of my family is obsessed with Harry Potter.

I've got about three recipes for Butterbeer. One version includes alcahol, the other two don't. I didn't think it was meant to include alcahol either, personally. Plus, since I don't drink alcahol, I would prefer not to include it anyway. It was one of the non-alcaholic versions I made.

I have a couple more Harry Potter recipes on my recipe page if you want to take a look. I did put them all in a post a couple of weeks ago, but since you're new to my blog, you wouldn't have seen that.

Thanks! :)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure a Harry Potter Halloween party would be awesome!

I hope my sleep pattern sorts itself out too. As fast as it seems to it gets messed up again though, and I'm kinda getting used to just grabbing what sleep I can, when I can.

Rita said...

I hate the crazy sleeping patterns, too!

That is just the happiest pumpkin--love it! You were sure busy baking and baking. Fun to try out new recipes when you have a room full of "guinea pigs" to try them out on. (No offense to Mr. Weaker.)

I can't imagine having random fireworks going off for months. We only deal with them for a few days around the 4th of July. They're illegal (or certain ones are) in a lot of places. Karma dislikes the noise. Does Kero like them, ignore them, or dislike them?

Oh, and I especially like your "beware" skeleton sign! Sounds like you had a great time! I'll be curious to hear what you think of the new Harry Potter movie. :):)

Toriz said...

Yeah, I imagine you're as sick of irregular sleeping patterns as I am!

*Nods* Having a room full of "guinea pigs" to try new recipes does make it better. You can get a better idea of if it's just that you don't like the food, or if it's that the recipe isn't too great.

Kero's OK with small-ish ones that are from a distance, but hides if they are close or really loud. He did like them at first... His first year he sat on the front step with me watching the neighbours' displays... But then someone threw one over a fence near us when we were out on a "potty break" towards the end of his second year of fireworks (after he'd been happily watching them with me again) and since then he's been scared. Not that I blame him... Poor baby!

Don't worry, I'll post a review of the new Harry Potter movie! :)