Thursday, December 16, 2010

Basically Christmasy chit-chat (FD)

Tomorrow we will be exactly a week away from Christmas eve. Can you believe it? Are you ready for it? We've got all our Christmas shopping done, I'm just waiting for one thing to arrive, which should come any day now. And we have to write the cards for the family yet, but they'll get done either later or tomorrow, because I need to have them ready for Saturday. Carl and Rachel are visiting for the weekend because Mam's birthday is Sunday and we're having a big party for her Saturday, so I need the family cards ready to be given out Saturday while Carl and Rachel are here to have theirs. The other cards are written, and the ones that needed to be posted were posted last Friday along with any presents that had to be posted. In theory any parcels, packages and cards that haven't yet reached their destinations should do so in the next few days, so should be with people by Christmas. The only other thing we need to do for the holidays is to get the bits we're sorting for the family buffet we're having Boxing Day - which is when we'll be exchanging gifts with my parents, Nan and Wayne - but Kelly's sorting that stuff on Monday. Mam's getting the rest of the buffet stuff and bringing it with her on Boxing Day when she comes. We have our Christmas dinners sorted out though. It was more difficult sorting mine than Kelly's. I don't mean figuring mine out, I mean finding it. There's a nut roast - basically mixed nuts, butternut sqquash, pumpkin, and I think just a few herbs - that Mam found last year, and I liked it a lot. Anyway, since I needed a vegetarian Christmas dinner it was the first thing I thought of. Only we couldn't find it. Mam was sure it came from either Iceland or Tescos, but after searching the vegetarian sections of both shops we had no luck in finding anything other than the usual stuff they have all year round. The only other option was Asda, but we don't have a local one, so I went online to have a look. Sure enough, there it was... One of the first things listed in their "frozen vegetarian and meat free" section on their website. So, I decided to do an online shop with them so as to grab some. I also got some sage and onion stuffing balls, since - when you're having the stuffing as part of a vegetarian meal - it's easier to be able to just grab a couple of stuffing balls rather than making up a batch of stuffing mix just for a couple of spoonfuls of it. So, I'm having my nut roast, some stuffing balls, cranberry sauce, parsnips, roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, broccoli and peas. The broccoli and peas are added because they need to be done for Kelly. He's having a ham for his dinner (hence a stuffing mix not being made up) and he doesn't like parsnips and sprouts, so without the broccoli and peas - which are vegetables he will actually eat - he'd just have ham, roast potatoes and carrots. Since we're making him the broccoli and peas, and since I have issues with my iron level, it was decided that I'd have the broccoli and peas added to my dinner too. Even the boys get special dinners. Gwydion will have his own fresh carrot, plus his usual vegetable peelings, and Kero will have some of the hamwith a roast potato or two (I never give him more than that, because he doesn't always eat potato) and I'll add some gravy soaked dog biscuits to it to bulk it up a bit for him. So... Are you hungry yet? LOL!

It's still cold here. I woke up today to hear the wind howling outside like a pack of wolves. I had to go out there though, because I had to check on Gwydion, and Kero had to pee. There's no more snow though. *Looks sad* But there's still time for more to come in time for Christmas. It would be awesome if it snowed from Christmas eve evening and then over night so we could wake up to a white Christmas. It doesn't have to be a lot of snow... Just enough so we can say it was a white Christmas this year. Knowing how our weather works though we probably wont have much snow around Christmas, but will have loads from probably about mid to late January in to maybe March or something.

I went to order my tablets yesterday, only to discover that the chemist had decided to no longer accept orders for refills of prescriptions over the phone. Yeah, nice of them to give people a heads up, you think? They wanted me to come and fill out a form to give them permission to refill the prescription for me when it needs doing and bring it to me. When I told them that would be difficult for me to do they got nasty. Well, until I mentioned the reason it would be difficult. All of a sudden it was fine to do it over the phone this one time, but Kelly has to fetch the prescription and fill out the form on my behalf while he's fetching it on Monday. Yeah, it wont be ready until Monday. Well, actually, it will be ready just before closing time Friday, "probably," (the "probably" was their word) but since they could only guarantee Monday - they're closed on the weekend due to being part of the doctors' surgery, which is only open Monday to Friday - and since Kelly also needs time to sort the form thing, I figured I wouldn't make him go there until Monday. Besides, I have enough of my tablets to last until the end of next week, I'm just in the habit of ordering them earlier than needed so as to make sure I actually have them when I need them. Also, most things are closed around Christmas, so I wouldn't like to be attempting to get a refill sorted on top of Christmas. Yes, I know Monday is hardly ages away from Christmas, but you know what I mean.

I can't think of anything else to say. So, I'll just say that the message of yesterday's post still applies, and you are still in my thoughts. Stay safe, and stay warm!


Rita said...

You made me hungry!!!! I need to go make lunch--hehe! ;)

I wouldn't really want to have had a birthday close to Christmas. Did your mother mind that--especially when she was a kid?

I hope you get snow for Christmas!! Too bad I can't send some of ours over there. We have many inches of it already this year--and more coming. Looks great! (You and I might be the only people who think that's a good thing--hehe!)

Well, after all is said and done, they are going to deliver them to you, at least. I just found out when I went to renew that the pain pills I have been taking and that have been dependably around for 40 years have just been pulled from the market (darvocet). The pharmacist was not happy. So, I guess they are going to give me Tylenol with codeine instead to try. If it takes the sharp edge off the pain that's fine with me. We'll see. But I bet some company took this off the market so that they can sell some new, more expensive version. Sad.

Anyways, here's wishing for snow, Tori! :):)

Toriz said...

Thank you! Your wish came true! I just woke up from a sleep to discover about 2 inches of snow on the ground! :) Yes, I think you and I are the only people who think snow is a good thing... LOL!

My Mam hates having her birthday so close to Christmas. I don't blame her. I mean, even when we get to my birthday people are starting to think more about Christmas than anything else and some people forget, so it must be even worse for people with their birthdays as close to Christmas as my Mam.

They recently changed my pills too. They just sent me a letter one day to say they're changing them because they want to save some money and these new ones are cheaper (NHS budget cuts, I guess?) I don't know the name of the new version, because along with changing the pills they changed the packaging. The old pills were in those foil type strips in a cardboard packet with the name brailled on them, so if I forgot the name I could check before I ordered them. The new ones are lose in a little round plastic tub with no braille label on them, and - from what I can tell by the size of the labbel on the bottle and how long it takes people to read the name for me when I need to get a refill - the name written in small writing on the label on the bottle, along with all the other information that needs to be included on the label. I forgot to have Kelly tell me the name before I called this time though, so I said, "the ones that used to be until you guys changed them." Luckily they were able to figure it out from that. ;)

Toriz said...

(that should have been "the ones that used to be "insert name of old pills, which I can't spell and don't plan on trying to" until you guys changed them." But I used the less than and greater than symbols, and it made it do something weird so that I don't know if it's there or not, but jaws isn't reading the bit about the inserting of the old pills name when I read my comment).

Rita said...

Hurray! Snowballs for Kero!
I hope your new pills work out for you. Mine might make me sick as I get sick from Morphine and I just read the information that came with the pills today in the mail. I'll find out. ;)
Meanwhile--snowman? :)

Toriz said...

That sucks about the pills. Good luck with those!

*Nods about the snowman* just as soon as it's day time. Being out in the dark doesn't bother me, but Kelly prefers me only being outside on my own during the day, and I'm doing as I'm asked simply because of allowing people to have time to be up so that if I get noisy playing I don't have to feel guilty about it. ;)

Deanna said...

You officially made me hungry and that is saying a lot since I just finished eating! Everything sounds really good. I hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

Toriz said...

I hope it tastes as good as it sounds too. ;)