Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas decorations 2010

Christmas day is only a week away, so to get anyone not yet in a Christmasy mood in to a Christmasy mood, here are some photos of the few Christmas decorations we put up this year.

This wind chime I've had for a few years, but it doesn't usually make it in to photos properly. This year though it's on our front door (since we don't have a reef this year):

We've had the same Christmas tree for three years now, with the same bulb in it, I think the photo from when we brought it is on my blog from the year in question (in fact, I'd be surprised if it isn't). Anyway, here's our Christmas tree all lit up:

I don't know if you can see the ball near the bottom of the tree, but it plays Christmas tunes when shaken or moved in some other way (vibrations from dog barking set it off too). I put it there in hopes it would go off sometimes, but not too often. My plan works, as long as not too many people give reasons for Kero to bark and set it off. :)

And - as you'll know if you read Kero's post - our tree has presents under and around it now:

These are just some bits we put up:

They're just bits and pieces I've collected over the years. The angel in the red dress was on our tree when I was young, then my Mam gave it to me when I moved out, because they had something else for their tree, and I really like her. The Santa with the candle I brought my first Christmas on my own. I spotted it at the post office when I went to send cards and such, and I liked it, so I brought it. The reindeer I got about two years ago because it plays, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," and I thought that was cool, so I wanted it. The little tree and the small angel beside it are wooden ornaments I got two years ago because they have the greetings in braille as well as in print. And the tiny little stocking was removed from a card a special friend had made for me for Christmas last year. I don't keep old cards (I used to, but I kept running out of places to put them) but I thought the stocking made a cute ornament, so I carefully removed it from the card and put it safely with the Christmas ornaments before putting the card itself in for recycling with the rest of the Christmas cards.

And these are our lights:

I don't think you can tell in the photos, but they're shaped like snowman heads with hats on them, which is why I brought them a couple of years ago. Fun to look at for people who can see them, but fun shapes for me to enjoy them too! :)

There is one other decoration we put up, but I forgot to get a photo of it. It's a raised plastic scene of Santa Claus being climbed all over by some puppies. I've had it for years and years... It's a bit battered looking these days, but I still put it up each year. This year it's in our bedroom window. Since I forgot to take a new photo of it, but I knew there was a photo in my previous year's Christmas decoration posts, I found a link to a photo of it for you. So, if you want to see it, just click right here.

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing my Christmas decoration photos. And, thank you very much Iggy for sorting these photos for me! :)


Intense Guy said...

The decorations look real Christmassy!!

I like that Santa being climbed over by puppies. :) Its obviously a treasured decoration.

AliceKay said...

You have a nice collection of memories there. Looks like your place is all ready for Santa Paws.

When we got home this afternoon, Terri borrowed Dad's extension ladder so he could put the star up on our telephone pole. I dug out the box from the back room that our outdoor lights were in, and I helped him hang those along our front porch. I also asked him to bring in the new pre-lit (yay) Christmas tree that's been out in our storage shed. I'm about to go put it together to see if it will light. *keeps fingers crossed*

Thanks to Iggy for sorting your photos. :)

Aunt of 14 said...

what do you know, you did put me in a christmasy mood! As a matter of fact, you've given me a wonderful idea. We're bored over here and couldn't think of something to do. Now I know exactly what I am going to take out of the garage now and decorate! We have the tree up and the lights up, but nothing else really.

Why am I thinking "Grandma ran over a reindeer"?

Rita said...

I like your decorations! I never got mine out this year. I only have 3 or 4, anyways--but it was nice to see yours. I get a kick out of the one where Santa's being overrun by puppies, too! Cute! I'm in a Christmasy mood already, but this added to it. ;)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Yes, it's a treasured decoration from when I was young. I don't even remember when we got it, but I know I had it on my bedroom door each year for several years before I moved out on my own, and it came with me when I left.

Yes, our place is all ready for Santa Paws. :)

I hope your tree works, and that you enjoy having your Christmas decorations up.

Glad I put you in a Christmasy mood and inspired you to get decorating.

LOL @ "Grandma ran over a reindeer." ;)

I'm glad I was able to improve your Christmasy mood. I'm also glad you like the Santa and puppies decoration. :)