Monday, December 13, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

"Ralph is a retired police officer who has worked as a New York cop for over 38 years. He plans on visiting his niece Jennifer in Chicago for the holidays. Jennifer is a successful businesswoman and the single mother of 6-year-old Brian. She grew up all her life mostly at Ralph's, as her mother was constantly traveling and her father died when she was very young. Since then, she has lost her Christmas spirit. At the airport, Ralph has no idea where he has to be and he is helped by co-traveller Morgan Derby, a 30-year-old chef who has trouble accepting his age. When it turns out his second flight to Denver is cancelled, Ralph offers Morgan to stay at Jennifer's place.

Initially, Jennifer is reluctant to take in Morgan, but she allows him to stay, since he is a top chef and she needs someone to make her son a turkey. They soon come to the conclusion that they are two completely different people. Jennifer is irritated by his careless and adventurous behavior and Morgan feels that she is a cynical control freak, which is mostly the result of dating the successful but materialistic businessman Richard Windom. Ralph, however, feels that they are perfect for each other and tries to prevent Jennifer from sending Morgan away."

(Above taken from here).

WARNING: link contains spoilers!

I enjoyed this one enough so that I've now watched it at least three times (four if you count the time I only caught the last half of it). It's a really good, sweet, romantic Christmas movie. Or, I think it is anyway.


Rita said...

This one is going to be coming to Netflix so I saved it. :)

Intense Guy said...

Yay!! one for Rita to watch!!


Toriz said...

Glad at least one of the movies is available for you to watch! :)