Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter wonderland in Wales (LBE)

As I mentioned in the early hours of Friday, I woke up to find that it was snowing. So, naturally, I grabbed my camera and got a couple of photos. And, here they are:

Within a few hours, our garden looked like this:

And Kero and I were ready to venture outside to play in the snow.

Of course, first Kelly needed to shovel some of the snow so we could get to check on Gwydion.

While Kero supervised.

Then - secure in the knowledge that Gwydion was OK - I threw some snowballs for Kero to catch.

Now tired of attacking snowballs, Kero decided it was time to have a roll in the snow.

Stopping from time to time to shake the snow from his fur.

I guess at some point during his snow rolling game he found something interesting buried under the snow, because he decided to dig it up.

And play with it a bit.

"Right," says Kero. "Now, how do I get on to the rest of the garden?"

"This path is blocked by snow," says Kero. "So I guess I'm not going this way after all!"

After a while Kero's paws started to get cold...

... So he decided he wanted to go in. I figured it would be a great opertunity to make the big snowman I wanted to make. Except that when Kero noticed I wasn't indoors he started whining at the door to come back out. We then ended up playing the in and out game that furkids play so well (and I hear human kids are good at too). Kero would want in because he was cold, then he'd want out because I didn't go in. Then he'd want back in because he was cold. Then he would want back out. Then - just to mix it up a bit - he decided to try and get to a new part of the garden, only to end up climbing over a large snowdrift and getting himself stuck the other side of it so that I had to find where he was and rescue him. The result was that I gave up on the large snowman and made a snowdog pal for Kero instead. Of course, I had to get a photo of Kero with the snowdog. Kero wasn't interested in having his photo taken with the snowdog though.

But, eventually, I was able to persuade him to pose with the snowdog for me.

There was about six inches or so on the ground at this point, but it started snowing again after we were done playing, and we soon had a few more inches. By Friday evening we had almost a foot of snow, and still more fell on Saturday. I think it got up to about 19 or 20 inches by Sunday morning. Probably not much to most of you, but normally we only get a couple of inches, then it melts, then we might - if we're lucky - get a few more inches so that we end up with a couple of foot eventually, but never have more than about 4 inches on the ground at any given time. So, I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was about having so much snow on the ground at one time. The local kids were probably really pleased too, but I think the kids and I were the only ones around here pleased to have all the snow. Kero was pleased at first, but his enthusiasm waned when the level of snow got above a foot. I'm not surprised since Kero's only a foot high at the shoulder, so I guess once he was up to his neck in the snow it lost its appeal. Probably due to the difficulty in moving about in it, and the fact that each time he so much as went out for a pee I had to remove the snow that had packed itself around his paws from his attempts at finding a route to his favourite spots in the garden. My excitement about the snow still holds fast though. Despite the complications with getting hold of the rest of the food items needed for over Christmas, and even despite what happened with the boiler (which I'll tell you about tomorrow').


Intense Guy said...

Goodness - you got a LOT of snow!! I think Kero looks mighty proud of his frozen buddy- they look nearly the same size and to be the same breed of dog! I think he was only miffed because he didn't have a matching red scarf to wear! :)

I wonder if Gwyddy was thinking, "Hey! Where is the snow guinea pig?!"

Intense Guy said...

P.s., isn't that boiler nearly brand new?

Rita said...

OMG!! That Kero snowdog is unbelievable! The head and face are just amazing! What a fantastic job you did!! I'm surprised Kero wasn't barking at it, to be honest. I've never seen anything like it. Wow!

I LOVED all the pictures of the snow and Kero checking out the snow. That's a marvelous snow dumping you got--hehe! ;) You got some really great pictures, too. Thanks so much for sharing these, Tori. I enjoyed every one of them. :):)

Toriz said...

Yeah, maybe he was. I never thought to make a snow guinea pig, and only had the one scarf like that. I did at least get Kero's bandanna out for him to wear... Perhaps he wanted the scarf?

Toriz said...

Yes, the boiler was only fitted in August, and was given an anual maintenance check in September. I'll leave the rest about the boiler to the post I'll be doing in a bit.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It looks like I'm getting my white Christmas. Still loads of snow on the ground, and we had a tiny bit more fall today too (and I think they said more might come in the next couple of days).

AliceKay said...

That's a LOT of snow by any standards. (keep it over there, please) That's a great snow sculpture of the snow dog. Looks like the real deal. Pretty cool.

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Don't worry. I'm happy to keep my snow when I get it!