Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spring sunshine and apples

It's a little chilly here, but the sun is shining. I have a couple of Windows open to let a bit of air in. Not because it's warm, but because we've had to keep the windows closed for so long that I thought it would be nice to let a bit of air find its way in. Kero's enjoying it. He's right now sitting on my bed with his nose pointed directly at the open window. I think Spring has arrived here in Wales! And, I would have taken my camera with me to grab some Spring photos for those of you still buried in snow... Just to show you it really will arrive eventually... But I forgot the camera, and only registered that I'd forgotten it when I went to grab it from my jacket pocket when we were on the path, and realized I hadn't actually put it in there (it was sitting on my chest of drawers in my bedroom, where I'd put it down to look for my mobile phone). Oops! Well, better luck next time!

Today would be one of those blissful days where all seems right with the world... Had I not tried to cut the tip of my thumb off. Well, actually, I didn't "try" to do it, but I very nearly did do it. What happened was that I was eating an apple, and Gwydion - noticing that I was hanging around in the kitchen - started weaking at me. Knowing what he wanted (because he always wants food) I figured I'd share my apple with him. Now, I hadn't bothered to peel and slice the apple, figuring I'd just eat it as it was, and stop when I got to the core, but I obviously needed to cut some off of it if I was going to give Gwydion some. So, I picked up a knife and went to cut a slice out of the apple to give to Gwydion. Unfortunately, I cut a slice out of my finger instead. I thought I'd barely caught it, since it wasn't really hurting that much at first, but I'm thinking now that the reason it didn't hurt much at first was that I numbed it with the cold water I immediately shoved my hand under. Why do I think this? Well, because it started to hurt a LOT after my hand warmed back up, and it definately hurts now! Also, Kelly had a look at it, and he says I've cut a little chunk out of my thumb near the tip. Still... I managed to avoid getting any blood on the apple - I'm assuming I put the apple down quick enough that it was out of harm's way - and Gwydion and I both really enjoyed the apple! Just looking on the bright side... Finding the positive in the situation and all that! ;)


Rita said...

OMG! I'm glad you didn't cut yourself any worse than you did! But I'm glad it was a really good apple. ;)

And spring is coming already over there! Hot dang! That's good news! You'll get pictures next time. :)

AliceKay said...

Goodness gracious! Sorry to hear about that thumb. Sounds painful to me. I bet Gwydion appreciated the bite of apple minus the blood, tho. :)

It's snowing like crazy here tonight. I cleaned off 4 1/2 inches of sleet and snow from my car about a half hour ago, and it's still coming down fast and heavy. It started as rain last night, poured this morning, switched to sleet around 11 AM, and then to all snow around noon. Where is that Spring again?

Intense Guy said...

It has rained hard here all day - so I've been snoozing mostly - I hope your thumb heals quickly and that Gwyddy didn't get any of the chunk that you cut off - it wouldn't do for him to get a taste of human ... the way he eats... Hmm... Vampire Gwyddy Pigs...

Maybe there is a best selling novel in that?

Toriz said...

Yes... Good apple! ;)

And, yes... Spring is here! :)

Yes, I'm sure he did appreciate it!

Sorry to hear you're still buried in snow over there!

LOL! Don't worry, Gwyddy got a blood free piece of apple... As it happened his piece was still completely atatched to the apple, which I'd managed to pull away from my cut hand before the blood started to pour (and which Kelly declaired blood free).

Vampire guinea pigs... LOL! Well, even if it's not a best seller, it would make a pretty good short story at the very least! Perhaps an option for a future idea? ;)

Deanna said...

You gotsta be careful! I was springlike here for a few days, allowing me to open the house a bit. How refreshing! I'm glad you were able to let some fresh air in. You will have many beautiful days to grab that camera for pictures. Have a wonderful week.

Toriz said...

I hope so! :)