Friday, April 01, 2011

Furkid Friday: weights (FD)

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

For some reason Mami decided it would be a good idea to weigh us boys. I have no idea what made her decide to do it, but she did. Anyway, she decided to do me first, but when she put me on the scales she weighs on they wouldn't register my weight. They kept either just turning off or saying, "error," all the time. So in the end she gave up on those ones and put me on the kitchen scales. They weighed me fine, and said I was 2lbs 10oz. Mami says she thought I'd be more than that... How rude! I don't know who that human thinks she is!

After that she wanted to weigh Kero. She tried getting him to just sit on the scales, but he wouldn't. So she tried getting him to stand on his back legs with his front paws on her. He wouldn't do that either. In the end she gave up, weighed herself, then picked him up and got on the scales herself with him in her arms. He weighs 2 stone, 3lbs and 12oz (that's 31lbs 12oz, for those of you not familiar with how many lbs are in a stone).

Like I said, I have no idea why she decided to weigh us, but I guess she thought it was a good idea for some reason. Personally - and I'm sure I can speak for Kero with this too - I didn't enjoy the experience one bit! But at least she gave me some greens and Kero one of his doggy treats after she was done weighing us.

That's all I really have to say today, and Mami is going to be having lunch any minute, so I need to be watching for her bringing any little bits of fruit or veggies that might be coming my way. So, I'll let this do for this week.

Squeak soon,


AliceKay said...'re just a growing fella, Gwydion. :)

Hmm...Kero weighs more than I would have guessed.

By the way, humans have this strange urge to weigh something all the doesn't matter who or what. LOL

Hope you enjoyed your fruit or veggies.

Deanna said...

Humans can be strange, can't they Gwydie. At least you got extra greens out of the deal. You sure are a tiny fella!

Intense Guy said...

Now what I want your mam to do is weigh you before and after you have your that HUGE carrot you had on your birthday... you must have - nearly doubled in weight!


I don't think its rude that she weighed you or thought you were heavier than you are - what's rude would be publishing that weight in a blog!

Furry Bottoms said...

Wow! I couldn't get my dogs to sit on the scales either.

I am glad you explained the stone thing, I could never ever understand how that works. 2 stone = 20 lbs??

Rita said...

I never thought to weigh my guinea pigs when I had them all those years ago. I imagine I would have weighed them the same as I weighed my chihuahuas--on the scale in my arms and then subtract my weight like you did with Kero. We didn't have a kitchen scale anyways.

Animals never seem to want to be weighed. Maybe they are smarter than we are?

Hope you got your treats, Mr. Weakers. :)

Toriz said...

No, 2 stone = 28lbs. 14lbs per stone.

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Mami thought Kero was a bit lighter than that too. She told him he definately needs to go on more walkies with her... Which is just fine by him!

Don't give her ideas! It was bad enough being weighed once!

Squeak soon,