Saturday, May 21, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Gwydion's photo session

Hi humans, this is Gwydion.

Well, I decided to agree to a photo session with my human, so here are the resulting photos:

First, here I am on the floor in the living room. Mami puts me down on the floor to try and persuade me to walk about a bit, but I almost never do. I do take a few steps from time to time, but that's about it. I hear some guinea pigs run all over the place - and Kero tried to show me how to do it by nudging me from behind - but that's not for me. I don't do exercise, and the world is too big for me to feel safe running around loose in it! But, Mami still puts me on the floor, and here are the photos of me taken while I was down on the floor (with Kero nearby trying to persuade me to run about and get some exercise... Though you can't see him in the photos).

Mami put me on the chair in the living room and asked me to pose for a photo, so I figured I might as well. Besides, there wasn't far I could go (especially with my reluctance to do anything even remotely like exercise). Anyway, here's the photo:

And here I am looking right at the camera:

Ah, now this is more my style... Cuddle time with Mami!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos. And, thank you Iggy human for sorting them out for me!

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

I don't understand your lack of enthusiasm over exercise - I mean, the "in crowd" of rodents does the exercise wheel thing... mice, gerbils, hamsters, heck, they even call it the Rat Race because all the running around goes no where.

:) But I must say, you are a bright eyed and handsome dude!!

And I'm glad to see your mami's laptop running in that cuddle shot!

Deanna said...

Maybe mami needs to get you a gym membership. That would motivate you! You're such a cutie and I love the photo of you and mami cuddling. Priceless!

Toriz said...

Yeah, laptop's working great now. I think the battery is showing its age too though, because it hardly lasts any time now, even when fully charged. Doesn't matter though, just means I'm using it plugged in 90% of the time.

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Many rodents do enjoy exercise, but I don't. I do run across my cage sometimes (especially if someone sneaks up to it and scares me), but that's about it.

Thanks for the compliments!

I don't know... I'm still not enthusiastic about the whole exercise idea!

Glad you enjoyed my photos!

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

None of my guinea pigs enjoyed running around on the floor, either. I only had four of them, mind you, but you are not alone, Mr. Weakers. Now set one of my hamsters, rats, or mice on the floor and zoom! My guinea pigs preferred to sit right close to humans, too--either next to them or in the lap or being cuddled. Maybe it is a guinea pig thing? :):)

AliceKay said...

I loved the pics, Gwydion. I'm glad you agreed to pose for the photo shoot. :) The cuddle pic is a great shot!

Anonymous said...

You are such a cutie pie, and how nice of Kero to try and persuade you to exercise, hehehe

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Thanks all!

Glad it's not just me!

Squeak soon,