Sunday, May 01, 2011

A May Day Carol (FD)

~~Author Unknown~~

Awake, awake, my pretty prithy maid,
Come out of your drowsy dream,
And step into your dairy hold,
And fetch me a bowl of cream
If not a bowl of cream, my dear,
A cup of meade to cheer,
For the Lord and Lady know we shall meet again,
To go Maying another year.
A branch of May I brought you here,
While at your keep I stand,
'Tis but a sprout all budded out,
By the power of our Lady's hand.
My song is done and I must be gone,
No longer may I stay,
Gods bless you all, the great and small,
And send you a joyous May.


Rita said...

Made me wonder how the tune was sung and what it sounded like.

Happy May Day! Snow up here, believe it or not. :)

AliceKay said...

I'm with Rita...wondering how the song sounded. From reading the lyrics, I bet it's a nice one.

Happy May Day. (it's raining here....again)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love this!! Thank you for sharing it!

Intense Guy said...

Happy May!!!

Goodness... its May already...

Toriz said...

Not sure; ouldn't find a tune for it. :(

Glad you all enjoyed it though! :)

Yes, I can... Because I remember the year I went over to Canada and how it was snowy until about the first week in May (and the snow was back again by October).