Wednesday, May 04, 2011

McDonalds, magazines and much mayhem (FD)

Sorry for not being around much lately. Between catching up on watching things that had been recorded on the Sky box for me, catching up on bits of knitting I couldn't get done while I was sick, etc, I've not had time to be online much, and when I have been I've mostly been sorting out labels for old posts. I'll get to your blogs soon though... Honest!


I seem to have gotten rid of that cough... For now! Hope it doesn't come back!


I've done a load more of Louise's scarf, and I'm now almost 2 thirds of the way through it. Not quite, but almost! Hoping to get it done soon so I can get on with the rest of the items on my ever growing "projects to complete" list.


Mam had Emma-Jane for the day on Friday, so she suggested she took Emma and I out to McDonalds for lunch. I agreed, so we went. While we were out, we took these photos of Emma in her carseat in the back of Mam's car:

If she doesn't look happy, it's because she isn't at the moment. Her back teeth are cutting, and it's giving her a cough, a runny nose, and a bit of an attitude. I can't say I blame her though. And she is finding a smile from time to time... Just not when these photos were being taken. I figured I'd share them anyway though, for those of you who enjoy baby photos. Besides, we took them, so I might as well post them! ;)

Also, it was a very sunny day, and the sun was on her, which she hates, so that wasn't helping.

I also spent yesterday (Tuesday) with Mam and Emma. I brought us a McDonalds breakfast. I had an egg McMuffin meal, and I was very impressed with the ones who worked at McDonalds, because I stressed that I didn't want meat "in, or near" my McMuffin, so they made a point of making sure they used clean tongs, and didn't even let my food be anywhere near Mam's on the tray. I was pleased, because they were making such a big effort of making sure there was no way any meat was touching my food, compared to some places where they have a "that's your problem" type of attitude to things. So, they get plenty of brownie points for that in my book! ;)

I got Emma the pancake and sausage meal, which they let us have a fruitshoot juice drink with because Emma can't yet manage an ordinary bottle or cup (she's only 13 months old, after all). She seemed to enjoy what made it to her mouth of it anyway. LOL!

And Mam seemed to enjoy her food too!

We did also get donuts, but we were full, so we ate those afterwards... Mine ended up being part of my lunch.

We dragged poor Emma around shops while we got food shopping done and ran some errands. She was pretty good. She did demolish the box of an Easter egg Mam got her and decided to let her hold (to keep her from grabbing the other things in the trolley) but we managed to stop her demolishing the other items we were buying, and managed to keep her from reaching the things on the shelves, so that's a good thing! LOL!

I spent some one on one time with Emma while Mam took the mower to Dad's for him to mow his lawn, and gave her some lunch. Mostly it was fine, except that right around when she was getting stressy and ready for a nap, I kind of lost her dummy (pacifier). She usually throws it, then wants it back, then sucks it frantically before settling to sleep. No problem, only... When she threw it I couldn't find it. It landed in the ball pool, among all the toys in it. So, there I was, frantically sorting through the toys to find the dummy, while Emma - wanting the dummy, and not understanding why she wasn't getting it - was having a total melt down. Seriously! I'm talking burying her face in the floor, fists clenched, kicking her legs, full on tantrum! Thing is, I was at Mam's place with her, and had no idea where to find spare dummies there, so I couldn't even give her a substitute dummy, and had no choice but to put up with the tantrum while trying desperately to locate the dummy (something that would have been much easier if having no sight didn't mean I had to literally check every object in the ball pool until I found the lost dummy). I "finally" located the dummy, shoved it in her mouth, and... Ah! Silence! Only, then my Mam got back, and Emma took it as her cue to make it clear she wasn't impressed at being left behind, and started to cry again! She only cried for a few seconds that time though, thankfully! Mam thought she'd been crying the whole time, so I explained what had happened. Mind you, I had to explain anyway, since my greeting to Mam was, "oh, yeah... Now you get back!" It wasn't that she had been crying so. I mean, the crying wouldn't have been so bad, if it wasn't for the fact I know - and knew at the time - that it could have been stopped before it got to tantrum stage just by presenting Emma with a dummy, and I was frustrated that it was because I couldn't find the dummy that I'd had to endure 10 minutes of a toddler tantrum!

I still want kids though... LOL!


The first issue of my Art Of Knitting magazine arrived a couple of weeks back, but there still hasn't been any sign of the other issues I should have had by now. So, I called them. Apparently, due to needing to reprint copies of issue 1 they put the subscription start date back a bit, so I have to wait the length of time I would have waited had I started the subscription later than I did (if that makes sense). So, I pointed out that I knew someone who had been caught up on them, and they asked if that person had subscribed by phone. I said they had, and was told that they'd delayed the start dates for those of us who subscribed online, but not those who subscribed by phone. Now, either that's the biggest load of rubbish I've heard recently, or that was very unfair. Why should it matter how you subscribe? You either subscribe, or you don't. It should go in order of subscription date, and since this person subscribed a week later than me, she should be a week behind me recieving her issues, not about 4 issues ahead of me! *Sigh* Anyway, "supposedly" I should get my next issues in the next couple of weeks. We'll see. If I don't, I'll be calling them again though, you can count on that!

At least my Baked And Delicious magazine is showing up when it's meant to... That's a start, I guess!


OK, this will do for today...


Intense Guy said...

Goodness - I could visualize the whole scene with Emma and the missing dummy. LOL! Maybe she won't be so likely to throw it around anymore.

I hope you get your magazine soon - their phone service sounds... umm... creative.

You've been moving right along with Louise's scarf. I'm sure she will love it!

Rita said...

Ahh! The tantrum age--hehe! I agree with Iggy. She will probably learn that it can take you a lot longer to find things she's tossed and not be so ready toss them. ;) Kids are pretty smart. But when they are teething they can just feel crummy and not exactly care to think ahead--LOL! This is good practice for you, I guess. :):)

Glad you are getting to your knitting and catching up on your shows. And so glad your cough is gone. Hope you're sleeping well. Are you back to taking walks with Kero several times a day now, too? Must be full spring for you. :):)

McDonald's sounded like they were really nice about making your food. I bet you'll go back there again soon. :) I plan to try to tackle how to cook with tofu next. A bit here and there, anyways. Hope you're having a good week. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

Aw, Emma makes me miss having babies around!! I have 14 nieces and nephews, and plenty experience around them. The youngest now is about 5 yrs old, so its not the same.

I love McDonald's McGriddles. If anybody mentions McDonald's breakfast, I am so right there!!

Deanna said...

Those "dummies" are a good thing and a bad thing. Our Reagan was hooked on hers and if it couldn't be found would have a melt down just like the one you described Emma Jane having. I kind of wished I could have put a dummie in her mouth this weekend because she came to us with a 3 year old attitude. But at 3, dummies no longer work. Glad you were able to finally find Emma Janes!

Keep up with those projects. You will get there.

I agree about how they handled the subscriptions as not being fair. Hopefully you will get yours soon.

Take care.

AliceKay said...

Ryan wouldn't take a pacifier, even when he was a baby. And if he did, it was only for a minute or two before he spit it back out. It sure would have come in handy sometimes if he had, tho.

That was really nice of the person handling the McDonald's order to make sure it was given to you the way you wanted it. Some of the people working at the McDonald's in Wysox have a hard time just saying "thank you". :\

I agree...the way you were treated over the magazine subscription was unfair. It shouldn't have mattered how you subscribed to it. I hope it gets resolved soon.

Toriz said...

I doubt that... She's probably already been throwing it around again!

I hope I get the magazine soon too!

I hope she does like it.

I don't know if she learned anything from it, but I did. I learned that when I have a baby around in future, checking the location of any spare dummies is very important. I also made a mental note to have a large supply of spare dummies when I have my own little one. ;)

We're working on getting back in the habit of having the several walks a day again. We've definately been having two, but we've not gotten back up to the three yet... Things keep happening to make it that we miss one of them. Maybe today?

Yeah; definately willing to go back there with them being that helpful!

I've not had much to do with tofu. Let me know how it goes, then I'll know what I'm letting myself in for when I give it a go - which I will do in the future... When I have more time for cooking experiments!

Yeah, I agree; it's not the same. I grew up helping with little ones (kids of various family friends) but everything's new to me with Emma, because this is the first time I've done things when not able to see what I'm doing.

I hadn't had McDonalds breakfast in ages. I so want that Egg McMuffin meal again though!

Nope; at 3 dummies aren't an option, and don't work. Hope you found a way to stop Reagan's tantrums without a dummy!

Yep, I'll get there in the end with the projects! ;)

Hopefully! (about the magazines)

Some kids are like that... Hope it hasn't been too tricky finding alternatives to calm Ryan down!

That's how it is in some places here, which is why I made a big deal about thanking them, and why I pointed it out. I mean, I was told I was being way too fussy in an Asda cafe because I don't eat fish, and didn't want meat gravy on my chips (the only thing they really offered without meat or fish involved in it was chips). So this was a refreshing change.

Exactly! It shouldn't matter how you subscribe!