Friday, May 13, 2011

Posting again about yesterday, with an update

I'm not sure what exactly was up with Blogger, but whatever the issue is it seems to have reset blogs - well, mine and Kelly's at least, I don't know about other blogs - back to how they were... I think yesterday (Thursday) morning. Including removing comments left after that time, and posts published after that time. The birthday post I wrote for my friend, Pam, was back in draft (where I'd had it for a couple of weeks) so I was able to put it back up again, but the post I did yesterday evening about my day... Poof! It's disappeared to wherever it is that posts and comments disappear to sometimes. *Sigh*

So, to recap...

Yesterday was a bad day for me. It started off OK, then I broke my watch strap, jammed my little finger in the parts of my cane while folding it after walking Kero, and after that my laptop wouldn't accept the power supply, so - since the battery was dead - wouldn't work. We downloaded a demo version of Jaws so I could use it on Kelly's PC, and I was thinking I'd put in my authorization disk if it worked OK, but - and this part wasn't in yesterday's post - I thought afterwards that probably wouldn't work anyway, since mine is Jaws 8.0, and the version it gave Kelly to use for his Windows 7 is Jaws 12.5 (or something like that). This meant I was stuck using Jaws in demo mode, meaning it only lasts 40 minutes before the entire PC has to be restarted if you want to use Jaws any more. Annoying, but better than no internet access.

I did discover how to make my phone talk online, but that's not an ideal option since it costs to go online on my phone, because it prefers to access the network internet rather than any local wireless connections (shame, since if it would access my home wireless connection it would be free to use it online that way). Plus, signal isn't always great around here for my mobile, and it seems to need a good signal to stay connected.

But, it all worked out well in the end, because...

Dad came for a visit today, and my greeting to him was, "my laptop's dead. Well, actually I think it's the power supply, since it worked until the battery died, only I didn't know the battery was in use until I got the message about it being low. I tried all the different sockets around, but it wont work." So, Dad had a look, and was pretty sure I was right. He told us where to go to look on a site for a computer parts shop he knows that's not too far away, and when we saw one that would work with my laptop was available, he offered to take me and fetch it. I agreed, and we went.

It worked. My laptop works again. I'm using it now! Yay! :)

It cost £30 ($60) for the new power cord (because it comes with several adaptors, since it's designed to work with almost any laptop, netbook or notebook) instead of what it would have cost for a new laptop, which could be anything from £200 for a new laptop, and - since it would have to have Windows 7 - £700 for Jaws too, so £900 (roughly $1800) or more to get set up with a new laptop. Yes, I think £30 was a much nicer price!

Plus, at least we could just about afford £30.

Fingers crossed that this new power cord keeps doing the trick, and it's some time before a new laptop is needed!


Deanna said...

Blogger has been pretty buggy lately. My comments in my latest post went from 10 to 6. I guess blogger was hungry.

Am glad you got your computer issue resolved without a tremendous cost.

And sometimes day just start out bad, only to end up good. I'm glad yours did!

Rita said...

I just got access to blogger again now this afternoon. Was out completely for me since I posted Thursday morning. Now it is finally back, but it ate my Thursday post. *sigh* I'll have to repost. Maybe tomorrow. It was everybody, apparently.

Soooo glad you got your laptop fixed. I had commented on that previous post, but I suppose that got eaten, too? Well, we'll go from here. :):) Soooo glad!! :):)

Hope your finger is better, too.

Intense Guy said...

Most of my recent comments all went *POOF*.


But more important is that you got your laptop fixed!!! Yes! That is great news!

Toriz said...

I'm glad I got my laptop sorted - and without too much cost - too.

Yes, guess Blogger was hungry!

Yeah, that got eaten too, so I have no idea what was said on that post after the reply I gave to Nikki.

I had the same issue... Couldn't log in (or look at the other comments that were showing as being there on Thursday's post before it went poof) then finally got on to find comments and that post missing, plus the scheduled happy birthday post confused about whether it was meant to be published or not. *Sigh*

Yeah, I noticed the comments from you were gone. That's why I think it was stuff within a certain time scale.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad day, but Im glad you found the part for your laptop and saved you some money :o)

AliceKay said...

Hmmm....I haven't had time to check my blog and comments (or lack there of) but I guess I'll have to do that. I know Blogger said it was having issues the other day and the message said it was "read only" until the maintenance was finished. (must be why Iggy said he KNEW he commented on my blog yesterday) Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm so glad you have your laptop working, and it was a minor cost compared to what you were fearing. *two thumbs up*

Right now I'm trying to "fix" Terri's computer that I messed up last night. LOL

Toriz said...

Thanks! And, I'm glad too!

Yes, that'll be why Iggy said that... Hope you didn't lose too much from your blog!

I'm extremely relieved actually. I mean, sharing a PC can get frustrating when you're not used to it, and having to keep Jaws in Demo mode and restart it before the 40 minutes run out all the time is rather annoying, so having my laptop back in use is fantastic!

Good luck withh Terri's computer!

Toriz said...

Hmmm... Not sure why it put "AK:" twice there. Ah well!