Thursday, May 05, 2011

Things I could have said yesterday (FD)

I took a couple more photos of Emma-Jane on Tuesday while I had her on my own. I didn't mention them yesterday because I wasn't sure if I'd managed to get her in any of them. Apparently I had though, so here they are:

First, here she is sat in her highchair enjoying a sausage roll:

And here she is sat on the floor playing:

The doll is one I got her Tuesday. It only cost £2 (about $4) and she seemed to really like it - I showed it to her in the shop, and we got quite a way around the shop before she let go of it, and then I think it was only because she noticed the Eeyore dangling from the bag I had round my waist - so I "had to" get it for her. I was pleased to see she was still interested enough in it to want to play with it when we got home (well, back to Mam's place). It was definately worth the £2 it cost!

Soon after I took that photo, she put the doll in the little pushchair she has there and was pushing it about. It was so cute! I didn't try to get a photo of that though... It's hard enough getting photos of her when she's staying still, so I didn't think I'd have much luck - if any - when she was on the move! ;)


We've had beautiful weather most days. The odd light shower (like late Monday, I think it was) and the odd bit of really cold wind (like yesterday's rather chilly wind). But mostly it's been quite nice here. Warm and sunny, but not too hot... That's how it's been most of the time. Nice enough to be outside, but not hot enough to make you feel uncomfortable or anything... Just how I like it! :)


For now at least I wont be doing the "Furkid Friday" posts every week. I'm finding that either I have nothing new to post for them - either because I already mentioned it when I did my own posts, or because nothing happened worth mentioning - or I forget to mention stuff because it happened earlier in the week and by Friday I don't remember to add itt to the post. Anyway, when either Kero or Gwydion have anything worth posting I'll do a post from them, otherwise it will be mentioned in my posts (depending on if it's just usual day to day things, or something interesting that's worth doing from their point of view). In the meantime, here's a photo that was taken of Kero a couple of weeks back, but which I never got around to posting:


I gained 1lb this past week. Can't say I'm surprised about that. Actually, I expected to have gained more than that. Thing is, it was only last week I was able to fully eat "normal" food again after my throat being so sore, plus the fact that most of what I ate last week was... Well, let's just say it wasn't healthy! Anyway, when I weighed on Monday I discovered I'd put 1lb back on. But, that's OK! I mean, this is the first gain of any sort I've had, and... Well, I did lose the last 7lbs quite quickly. Not to mention the fact that - as I said - with what I'd been eating (mostly involving pizza, chips/fries and chocolate) I actually deserved to have gained more than 1lb. I'd like to say I've been doing better so far this week, but... *Sigh*... I really haven't! We had take-away on Monday, because it was Kelly's birthday, then I had the McDonalds breakfast, a donut and a whole lot of chocolate on Tuesday, and there was more chocolate yesterday... The chocolate is all eaten now though, so at least that's out of the way. And now I need to get back on track with my eating, and get back to eating the things I know I should be eating.


I've gotten a lot of those posts labelled. I've only got about 450 posts left to label. Yeah, that might sound like a lot, but when you think about the number of posts I've published, and the pile - now complete with labels - waiting to be published... Well, suddenly 450 left to label sounds like a nice, small number! I'm hoping to get some more of them done in these next few days. I'm at a point where I really can't wait for them to be over and done with though! I got through about 1200 of them, then started wondering what made me think this was a good idea. I almost decided to forget it, but then I reminded myself of how many I'd done, and I thought about the fact that there would now be more to go through and remove labels from than there were left to label. I also thought about the fact that once I start something I like to finish it, and - despite the fact part of me is wishing I wasn't doing this (not least because reading some of the old posts is far from enjoyable) - I'm going to finish what I started, and I'm going to get labels on all my posts!


OK, this will do for today.

I hope that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and warm! If you aren't... Then consider positive thoughts sent in your direction! And a few hugs too!


Intense Guy said...

Emma looks so content and happy in these pictures. It's hard to picture her "blowing her lid" when she tossed her dummy!!


Kero looks hungry too - I wonder if he's lost weight with you.

You've really put in a lot of efforts on the labels - I like the ones you used on this post.

Rita said...

Emma Jane is getting so big! She looks contented in these pictures. I agree that it would probably be really hard to get still pictures of her when she's on the move. Do you have a video camera or phone? Maybe you could try that?

Losing weight from being sick--well, it makes sense you might gain some back, anyways. Only a pound isn't bad at all. :)

By labeled do you mean putting in all the topics like you have at the end of this post? My goodness! That is really a time-consuming thing to be doing for six years worth of posts! I have never added topics to mine all these years. I don't think I'd want to start. I am just as stubborn as you are when it comes to finishing what I start and I'd be at it forever--hehe! I have no idea how many posts I've actually done in almost six years. Now you have made me want to go look--hehe! ;) You will be glad when it is all finished, tho. I give you credit for accomplishing that task, I tell you!

Hugs your way, too! :):)

Deanna said...

Emma looks like she hadn't lost her binky yet in these pictures. She looks quite content.

I wish I had your sticktoitness... I seem to get sidetracked easily.

You have the right attitude about that lb. and now you will get back on track!

Toriz said...

Yeah, she's usually happy when eating, and just after doing so. ;)

He might have... Will have to weigh him again when I weigh on Monday.

Thanks! (about the labels)

I have a video function on my phone, but I keep forgetting it exists, hence not trying it. LOL! Will have to try and remember next time.

My thoughts exactly! (about the weight)

Yes, I mean the topics. The "proper" name for them is labels, only I wanted it to be written as "topics" on the bottom of my posts, so I changed it. Thing is, I sort of catagorized them, because having them fully seporated was giving way too many topics/labels. There are 50 as it is! When I was seporating them I got up to about 230 different topics, and knew I had others I hadn't found in my old posts, so I went back through and catagorized them to make less. I thought a list of several hundred topics on the sidebar would be a bit much. Besides, many cross over anyway. like "news and history"... News today will soon be history, so they merge after a bit, so I just shoved them together. That kind of thing. Anyway, I'm actually kind of glad I'm almost done (got at least close to 100 done today, I think... Took me most of the afternoon to achieve, but still).

Correct! The dummy thing happened a little while after these were taken. We had some nice play time first. I think it was 20 minutes or so after these were taken that the tantrum started.

I often get side-tracked, but I always get things done in the end, unless there's a very good reason for me not doing so.

Yes; now - hopefully - I can get back on track. Like I said... It's only 1lb! :)

AliceKay said...

I'm pretty sure I checked your blog for a new post at least twice yesterday but somehow either I was dreaming or else this one just didn't show for me. :(

But anyway...

Cute pictures of Emma-Jane. She does look content. I'm glad she enjoyed playing with the little doll you bought for her.

A little weight gain is to be expected, especially after your body is bouncing back from being sick.

Good luck with labeling the rest of your posts. I've never done that and don't plan to. LOL

Sorry I missed this post last night when I checked blogs again. *hugs*

Toriz said...

No worries; that happens sometimes... I've missed posts that way myself in the past! :)

*Nods in agreement about the weight thing*

There's no real need for the labels on posts anyway, it's just something I decided I wanted to do.

Anonymous said...

Emma is so cute I bet she is just wonderful to spend time with. Thanks for the positive thoughts and I send the same to you :o)