Monday, July 25, 2011

Explaining #7 AKA plans to move

So... I said I would give a bit of an explanation for the 7th "random thing" I posted in the post I did Saturday. I'm talking, as you will probably remember, about the fact I mentioned that we are considering moving away from this area. It's something we've been considering doing for a while now, actually. Remember all those times I mentioned how I was watching what money I was spending because we were saving for something? Well, this is what we've been saving for. Thing is, to be honest, we're more than considering doing it. We're actually planning to do it. In fact, we've been saving up the money needed for the move (as I already mentioned), decided on the location we're moving to, and have even started packing up those items we don't use that often, or don't mind not being able to use for a while (ornaments, DVDs, most of our books, etc), and have been "sort of" looking at potential places to see what's out there for when we're ready to actually move. We've got some things to sort out before we actually go and look at possible places, but we're hoping to have those things sorted some time in the next few weeks, and we're hoping to be able to be moving in the next couple of months, all being well.

We're looking for just a 1 bedroom place, because it's not essential that we have a second bedroom right now, rent will be a bit cheaper if we just go for a 1 bedroom, and where we're moving to there are plenty of places nearby for friends or family to stay if or when they're visiting. We aren't bothered if it's an upstairs place or a downstairs place, as long as it allows pets... We can't move without Kero and Gwydion!

Anyway, we're moving from South-West Wales to South-East England, to an area where I lived for a couple of years during my teens, which is only a little over an hour away from central London by train, and also near the coast.

We have quite a few reasons for deciding to move away, but they all boil down to the same thing... We feel that moving is the best thing for us.


Furry Bottoms said...

near the coast! That is all I need. Just near the coast, and I'd be happy to live anywhere. As long as its near the coast!

Good luck with the search and the move!

Anonymous said...

Wow Tori that sounds like a wonderful plan and I sure hope everything goes smoothly for yall when it all comes into place and happens for you :o)

AliceKay said...

I wish you and Kelly all the best. I hope the move goes as planned and you find a really nice place to live with Kelly, Kero, and Gwydion. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm with Furry Bottoms... as soon as I read coast, I was right there with you! ;)

Good luck with the move! It's hard to pick up and leave everything you know, but it sounds like you'll be in familiar territory, and I know you'll make a fast adjustment with Kelly at your side. :) Have fun!!

ChicagoLady said...

Good luck to you in your move from Wales to England.

Intense Guy said...

Smiles. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you learn the neighborhood quickly when you get there so you can continue to walk with Kero without worry.

And just think... the beach!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Then you'd love where we're going... We should be no more than 15 or 20 minutes walk from the beach - at most - and there's a possibility of a seaside view (depending on the exact location of the place).

Thanks! :)

Thanks... I hope so too! :)

Then, you'd love where we're moving too. :)

Thanks! There will be a few extra adjustments for me due to the lack of sight, but judging by what we discovered when Kelly opened Google maps of the area and I mentioned things I remembered, many parts are still basically the same, so that will help a little with my adjustments. At the very least, I know the name of the local hospital and vet. LOL!

Thanks! :)

As soon as we're moved in I'll get in touch with my rehabilitation officer to get her to transfer me to one for that area, then I'll get some mobility lessons so I can learn the routes to walk Kero by myself sometimes. I do remember some of them, but it's different knowing them inside your head to knowing them to do them, if that makes sense. Hey, you never know, maybe I can get good enough at the walk down to the beach so that Kero and I can go there for walks regularly? In the meantime, Kelly will walk with us. I plan to learn the routes so I can go by myself at least sometimes though.

Yep... I'll be close enough to go to the beach whenever I want... Every day if I want to! :)