Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy birthday Tom

It's my friend Tom's birthday today. He hasn't been on the blogs in absolutely ages, but I know he's still about because we e-mail regularly, and I also have him on my Facebook friends list thingy. I don't know if he'll read this though. I figured I'd post it anyway. So... Happy birthday Tom! Hope it's a fantastic day for you! :)


AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! (just in case he reads this)

Today is also my son's birthday. Marty is 29 today. (that makes me feel old. lol)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Tom!

(You don't know me, but I'm pretty nice, lol!)

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday Tom! Happy Birthday Matty Sheetz!

Toriz said...

Happy birthday to Marty too then!

And LOL @ Jeannie!