Friday, July 29, 2011

Plans for Lammas 2011

So, as promised, I'm writing the post to tell you about our plans for celebrating Lammas this year. It's going to be a quiet celebration for this holiday; not nearly as much activity as there was in the Litha celebrations. Anyway...

You may remember the post I did about the Timberkit we brought back at the start of July? Well, on Monday we will be putting it together, since that's August 1st, which is - if you don't know - the date we celebrate Lammas (also called "Lughnasadh" or "The First Harvest" as well as a couple of other things, I believe).

Once that's done we will be having a "feast" based on some appropriate Lammas foods. I would have liked to bake some homemade bread, but that isn't an option for us this year, so instead Kelly will be fetching some from a bakery up town, and we will have it made in to sandwiches, and follow it with some apple pie, washing the lot down with some grape juice. But, before we enjoy our meal we will be doing a simple juice and bread blessing. If you're interested in what the blessing is, read on... I'm about to post it for you. I'm afraid I don't remember where I got this from, so I can't give credit for it. Anyway...


Juice and Bread Blessing
Person 1 holds the bread aloft, person 2 does the same with the juice.

Person 1: "Here is bread, here is life. The fertility of the land combined with the skill of the people who ground the grain and baked this bread. Here is the body of the Earth Mother and the seed of the gods. Without such gifts we shall perish. I slay thee bread with reverence and joy."

Person 2: "Here is juice, here is life. The water of the Earth combined with the nectar of the green things that grow upon it. Here is the life blood of the Land. This holds the sweet blessings of the Earth. Without such gifts we would perish. I bless this drink with humble gratitude."

The first piece of bread is placed in the offering bowl by person 1, and the first sip of juice is placed in another offering bowl by person 2. All say:

"We give the first of fruits to the gods with gratitude."

Bread and then juice is passed around to each participant. When all present has their bread and juice, all say:

"May you never hunger, May you never thirst."

All present eat their piece of bread and drink their juice.


We will be lighting a candle before we start the blessing while inviting Lugh - and any other Gods and/or Goddesses who wish to join us - to attend, and leaving it lit throughout both the blessing and the feast (you probably figured this out, but the feast will begin as soon as the blessing is over). Then, once the candle is extinguished, signifying the end of the feast, we will place the offerings outside somewhere where they can be returned to nature in some way.


AliceKay said...

Sounds like you've made some good plans for your Lammas celebration.

When I read the blessing, my mind immediately went to the Catholic religion and what we celebrate during part of the Mass. I'm interested in Deanna's thoughts on this.

Celticspirit said...

That sounds like a lovely ceremony.
I think that buying the bread is fine....I know I would not be baking bread in this 107 degree heat!

Toriz said...

That was what I was saying about before with how similar religeons are if you stop to look. The main difference is in the wording, and in the fact that in some religeons there is only one God, in others there are multiple Gods and Goddesses, representing various aspects of... Well, of everything, basically.

Yeah, I know it will be OK to buy the bread. I just would have liked to bake some. Like I said though, it's not an option for us this year... Maybe next year?

Rita said...

Mmmm...Fresh bread...... (I feel like Homer Simpson!) Always seems ridiculous to bake when you are running the AC, but fresh bread sounded delicious.
Have fun! And we want to see the finished kit! :):)

Toriz said...

You will get to see the kit, don't worry! :)

There's nothing like fresh bread, and we're hoping to grab a fresh baked apple pie from the same local bakery (if not then we'll have to get the pie elsewhere and it may not be quite as fresh).