Thursday, August 04, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Kero's not-so-fun day

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

I've had a rough day, and I wanted to share it with you all.

When we went to go out for our walkies this morning we discovered it was raining again, so we got wet. But Mami said we were having a car ride in a bit, so I wasn't too upset. We went back inside and Mami did things like feeding Gwydion and such. And while she was just finishing up - and just after she told me she'd be getting me ready for the car ride in a moment - Mamgu showed up. I was really excited, but more so when Dadi got in the car too. Car ride with Mamgu and both my humans... Alright!

If I'd only known where we were going I wouldn't have been nearly as excited.

They took me to the vet!

My shots aren't officially due until next month, but they did them while we were there. The shots weren't the reason for the vet trip, the humans - including the vet - just agreed we'd do them while we were there to get them done so I "hopefully" don't have to go back for some time. Plus, I think Mami was hoping to get them done slightly early because they're due in September, and that's when we're hoping to do the moving house thing the humans keep talking about. I think I remember doing one of those a few years ago... If I remember right, they're stressful, and they mean stuff gets put in boxes and we go to somewhere I've never smelled before, which the humans then spend weeks convincing me is home now, until I finally give in and accept it as home, despite my confusion as to why we're actually there.

Anyway... Like I said, I had my shots, and I was a big, brave boy for my shot... Not so much as a whimper! And I got my full check-up, and the vet says I'm fine. I still keep being sick from time to time, so the vet told Mami I should be on dry food, but - as Mami explained to the vet - the reason I'm not is because I refuse to eat it. Mami tried me on dry food, but I hate the stuff. I will only eat certain foods, and dry food doesn't feature (I tip it out of my bowl, take the bowl to hit the humans on the shin with it, and insist they put something else in it... Something more to my liking). So the vet agreed with Mami that it's better to risk me having an upset tummy than for me to be starving because I don't like the stuff which would be better for me with my issue where I'm sick a lot.

Again, that wasn't why I was at the vet.

So, why was it that I went today? Well, I picked up one of those tick things. It was just above my left eye, and the humans couldn't remove it. They tried, but all that happened was I got upset and stressed, because it hurt when they even touched near the area. My humans knew the tick couldn't stay there, so the only thing they could do was to take me to the vet to get it removed (and Mami figured she'd try and get my shots done at the same time to save making two trips, and save a bit of money).

Anyway, they ended up putting a muzzle on me - twice, actually, because the first time I managed to remove it - then two vet nurses held me down while the vet removed the tick. It didn't want out, and it hurt so much that I kept trying to get away (I never tried to bite anyone, Mami just suggested the muzzle as a procaution, because she knew - from Mamgu and her attempting to remove the tick - that it hurt me a lot). I was so relieved when they finally got the nasty thing removed (whole).

It's a bit swollen and sore where the tick was, but other than that there are no lasting effects from having it atatched to me for the few days it was stuck there. Like I said, the vet gave me a clean bill of health (much to Mami and Dadi's relief).

Mamgu had to be somewhere else just after the time when my appointment was, so she just dropped us off at the vet and left, and we got a taxi home. We might have walked, but it was still raining, so we all agreed a taxi would be better.

I've spent most of the rest of the day sleeping off my not-so-fun adventure.

Licks and sniffs,


Furry Bottoms said...

Oh you poor thing, Kero!! If it makes you feel any better, I am due for shots next Friday myself. I am not looking forward to it.

Ticks can really be nasty. I am glad you got it out! But Whole, yikes, what a ordeal!

I have a suggestion. When you move into the new house, ask your Mami and Papi to put butter on your paws. All four paws. Or maybe something that you will lick off. Preferably something you like... because it will remove the old house smell from your paws and the new house smell will be more comforting. It works lots of times!

AliceKay said... sorry you had to go to the vet but I'm sure glad they got the tick out all in one piece. You don't want to leave any of those nasty things inside of you. Bad news there. My cats used to get them and they weren't fun to remove, and I know they hurt. You're a brave boy, Kero. And just that you had your shot today, no more shots for quite awhile. :)

Rita said...

I knew it! I just knew it! Scary things outside that will bite you, and hurt you, and not let go?!. I just want to stay home. Forever! That's it! I am so glad I am not a dog!!

And moving! I remember that long, long ago when I was just a kitten--being taken away and put in a cage and then finally coming here. Moving again?! I knew every inch of this place. I examine everything that comes in! I do not like strange places! I don't even like the hallway outside the door!!

Well, I am totally stressed out now just thinking about the whole frightening ordeal with the biting thing and then the idea of moving away to a new home!! OMG! I need a nap.
Love, Karma

Intense Guy said...

I think Karma needs a Xanax...

You poor boy Kero! Gosh, what a horrible day, blood sucking ticks and trouble getting it off, and then getting shot(s).

I bet you slept like a log when you got home and had some yum-yums.

I think you will enjoy the move (well, not the move itself but the new place - it ought to be exciting and full of new smells and places to go (I mean walkies not piddle)!

Gives ya an ear waggle...

Deanna said...

You poor baby! Hopefully the soreness is gone by now.

Your new place will be just another adventure. Just think of all the new stuff to explore!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Nikki/Buddy/Freddy (whichever of you is reading this):
Sorry you're having to have shots.

Yes, that tick thing was nasty!

Will suggest that about the paws to my humans. I know they used to do it with the kitties, but I guess they never thought to do it with me?

Thanks for being sympathetic. Mami and Dadi say that as long as there are no "issues" (whatever they mean by that) I wont have to go for a whole year! Although, they did say that when we move I'll have to go with them if Gwydion has to go, since there wont be anyone to look after me, but they assuured me that just because I'm going with them doesn't mean I'll have to have anything done.

Yeah, it's a scary world out there alright! Hope your nap made you feel more relaxed about things, and hope I didn't give you nightmares!

Yeah, I think so!

It was definately not a fun day for me! Luckily it was just one shot (the other one nobody sees any point in me having, since it's kennel cough and I don't go in to kennels because of my anxiety issues, so the vet just told Mami that if I need to go in to kennels for some reason then I need to come in and have that shot first). Still... It was definately not a good day for me!

I got a nice treat from Mami, and - other than my walkies - slept almost all of the rest of the day.

Mami and Dadi keep telling me that. I will probably be a bit stressed out during the move itself, but I hope they - and you - are right that it will be nice there once I get used to it.

I let Mami touch the area earlier, so it seems to be getting better at least.

Yes, I'm trying to think of it like that, but I have such an issue with anxiety that I'm struggling to stay relaxed about it all.

Licks and sniffs,