Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promised "proper" post

OK, let's see... Where to start? Hmmm...

Last weekend our fire alarm kept going off for some reason. We still aren't sure why. Nothing was on fire or burning or anything, and it's run by electricity backed up by battery power (and we know the electric was fine... We were watching TV). Everything seemed fine, so we just opened up all the windows to let air circulate and turned it off each time it went off. After a bit it stopped. We'd have called someone, but we already had someone coming on Tuesday to check it and the boiler (anual maintenance check), so we figured since it had stopped we'd leave it until then. It hasn't done it since, and the guy couldn't find any logical explanation for it. All we can come up with is that there was something in the air, and it quit because we opened the window and that "something" went out the window. Like I said though, it hasn't done it since, and he checked the wiring and everything, and it's fine. We don't know for sure what that was all about. He's as confused about it as us.

He's also as confused as we are about why the guys who installed the boiler last year put the pipes for it outside where cold weather will make them freeze (which was the issue we had when we had that really cold weather this past Winter).


We've got most things all packed up. There are a few items we just haven't gotten to yet, but mostly what's unpacked is stuff we use daily so can't pack until the last minute. We're packing up the things that we just hadn't gotten around to yet some time in this coming week, since then it will just be the "can't pack until the last minute" items that we have to pack when everything - the place being ours, and a moving date - is confirmed. In theory we "should" know by the middle of September (if not before) that we definately have the place and when we're moving in to it.

I do now know a lot more about the place - and really hope we get it, since it's in a great spot, and sounds like a perfect place for us - but, as I said, I'm not giving more details until all the papers are sorted and we know for sure they're happy for us to take it. Basically they need to check to make sure we have regular money coming in, make sure we're real people, and make sure we generally pay our bills.

I'm not sure if he understands what's going on, but Kero gets quite excited when we mention the upcoming move. We have told him about walks by the seaside, train rides, town being close enough that we can all go (instead of it being easier to just send Kelly), etc, so he might have grasped that at least. I just hope he's as happy about it all during the actual moving part!


I've finished the first of the blankets I need to knit up. I'll get photos for you soon. I should get a decent amount of knitting done during my first few days of being in the new place at least because we wont have internet for at least a couple of days (not sure how long... Depends how long it takes the phone company to sort it out).

I haven't made any new cards in the past week or so, but I will be making a couple this coming week that will be needed before the date when we should be moving or just afterwards. I figure I'll get all the cards I'll need between now and the end of October sorted, then I know I'm covered if we're a week or so later than hoped with moving, and I know I can focus on knitting projects and getting things unpacked and sorted for the first couple of weeks after we move.


I did decide to completely block the Facebook games. Apart from a couple of, "why aren't you helping me on the games?" type questions from one or two people there doesn't seem to be any issue for people, and it's LOADS easier for me to just go in and check what people are up to (which is all I wanted to be doing on Facebook). :)


I'm pretty much all caught up with that stack of movie and book reviews I had waiting on my dashboard to get posted. There are a couple still to post, but only a couple. Sorry for mostly just posting reviews lately, but between being busy with sorting moving plans and having all those reviews waiting to get posted... Well, it just seemed like the simplest and most logical thing to do. Like I said though, I've only got a couple more reviews that are waiting to get posted, so until I read and watch more stuff there will be a gap in review posting (well, other than those other couple, which will be going up some time in the next week). It probably wont be long before there will be more - I've started reading the Twilight saga, and I have a few other books waiting to be read, and there's bound to be a movie I haven't seen before on TV at some point in the not too distant future - but now that I'm caught up I can post reviews as I watch and read things again... YAY! LOL!


The weather's been pretty good here lately. It's been alternating between being nice and sunny some days and miserable and wet other days. It's easy not to mind the wet days when there are dry ones in among them though.


That's all I have to say for today. Except that my thoughts are with all who were in the path of the hurrricane that's tearing through the US. I hope everyone is safe!

*Hugs going out to any in need of them*


AliceKay said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now. I hope the move goes through, because you sound very excited about it. :)

I was wondering if you ever blocked those Facebook games. I'm glad blocking them has made it easier for you to do what you want to do on Facebook....which is basically what I have it for. :)

We received a little over two inches of rain so far, and it's still raining out there with on and off gusts of wind. We're lucky compared to lots of other places. Towns about 45 minutes to my southeast are flooding because of creeks going over their banks. I've seen some photos from that area that look like we did when we were flooded back in 1996. Not good.

Thanks for your positive thoughts and genuine concern. *hugs*

Rita said...

Won't you be glad when you won't have to worry about those freezing pipes this winter! :):)

I'm sure Kero hears the excitement in your voice when you talk about the move. I bet he is going to love the beach smells--whoohoo!

Glad facebook is working better for you now that you stopped all the game chatter. (I remember that was so annoying until I figured out how to stop those comments.)

Once you have all you can pack packed up you can just knit and read and watch movies and try to remain calm while waiting for the final word. Happy for you guys!! I'm sure you'll get good news. Can hardly wait to hear all about it and see pics!! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Now that's a proper post.

I got to do one myself sometime.

Toriz said...

So do I, and, yes... I am rather excited about it! I kind of can't wait for it to be over with though... Moving is stressful, and while I'm looking forward to the future in our new place, I'm dreading the actual moving part!

I meant to say about the games before, but... Well, I've been busy. It's so much easier when you don't have to wade through lists of game requests every two seconds! I mean, there are enough posts as it is (especially with my huge friends list... And, yes, I do know every single person I'm becoming friends with. They're all family, family friends, online friends, etc).

Hope you don't end up with flooding in your area too!

You're welcome... *Hugs*

Absolutely! That's part of why we want out before Winter hits... I really don't want another episode like we had this past Winter!

Yeah, I'm sure Kero will love it. He has been down there once... When Louise (LoopyLou) still lived there and he went to stay with them for a while. Hopefully he has fond memories of the area! ;)

Yes, Facebook is easier without game requests to wade through. And, thank you for telling me how to make it go away! LOL!

That's my plan... Get everything sorted this week, then "try" and relax and just work on crafts while I wait for an answer as to whether or not we have the place.

I did promise a proper post. ;)

Yep, you need to get one done yourself. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm with Alice Kay...loads going on with you. *Fingers crossed* on you guys getting the new place!!! It sounds wonderful, even if we don't have very many details yet, lol! Good Luck with everything!!!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Don't worry... Once I know it's ours for sure I'll give more details. I just don't want to tell you all about the place and then not get it... I can guarantee a post when I know we have it though! ;)