Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Apology, sleep and pets

Sorry I've been such a bad bloggy friend lately. I have a lot going on with making sure everything is sorted for the upcoming move, plus working on some craft projects I need to get done as soon as possible (since they're all needed in the next few months... More on that in another post though). And since I slept most of the weekend I had to spend the last couple of days getting the things I would have been doing over the weekend done. At least I got caught up on my sleep though... Even if all of the sleep happened at completely the wrong times! ;)

I have another Gwydion update... He's doing great. Also, remember how I couldn't get him to run around out of his cage? Well, they've managed to persuade him to do so, which is fantastic news... I've been saying for a while he could do with doing that to get rid of some of the tubby tummy his love of food has given him. Hearing how well he's doing makes me feel loads better about giving him up... I'm still really missing him though. The other day I was sure I heard him weaking when I opened the fridge. It was all in my head, of course... Memories of what always happened when he was here... But for a split second there I was sure he was weaking! Yeah, I know, I'm losing it... It's finally happened... LOL!

Kero has gone in the spare room to check for him a couple of times, but I think he's happy to be the only furkid again. He's bouncing about and playing like a little puppy!

Before I end this post, I just want to say... I posted some new recipes on my recipe page over the past few days, and there are more coming soon... Just letting anyone know who might be interested. Some of them may be especially interesting to those vegetarians who read my blog.


Rita said...

I haven't had a guinea pig for decades and when you even talk about the weaking when you open the frig door I can swear I almost hear it! LOL!

I'll go back and check the recipes later on. I'm sure I might find some that I will want to try. ;)

Glad you got sleep! No matter when it is. :):)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Gwydion is doing so well. :)

I know you have a lot going on there so do what you gotta do and the rest can wait. Just take care of yourself while you're at it.


Furry Bottoms said...

You know, we can wait. We will be here when you come back after being so busy. I know how it can be, to be so busy. I just looked at your sidebar, and it said it was 3:38 in Wales. I'm thinking I wish it was 3:38 here in Seattle.

I am glad Gwydoin is doing well. I'm surprised Kero is doing good without his buddy around too... I thought he'd mope and be sad like my Freddy was when the last of our cats died out!

Happy packing, cleaning and playing with the furkid!

Magaly Guerrero said...

No apologies needed sweetie. I'm surprised you are posting at all; I'm usually losing my mind when I have to think of packing, moving... and with the pets thrown into the mix, things get pretty busy. Do what you have to do, we'll be here when you post lots ;-)

Intense Guy said...

Good gosh, Gwyydy is running about in his cage?? He's probably working out so when he breaks out to come home - he'll make the trip in no time... either that or those dandelions are really whacky tabbacky.

Hugs - relax on the blogging bit - you are one busy woman!

Toriz said...

LOL! Good... It's not just me then! ;)

I expect you will... Weren't you saying you'd try tofu if you had some recipes to cook it with? Well, there are several tofu ones among them.

Yeah... Sleep is good, regardless of whether it happens at the right time or not.

I'm glad Gwydion's doing so well too!

I'm trying to remember to take care of myself while I'm at it... Besides, I don't have time to be sick right now. LOL! ;)

Yeah, I know you'll all be here... Or, I hope you will. ;)

I'm surprised about Kero too. He's missed every other animal like crazy, but for some reason things are different with Gwydion. Maybe because Gwydion would never play with him? All the others would play with him... The cats (they even came on walks with us sometimes), the hamsters (in their balls) and the rabbit. But Gwydion wouldn't, so maybe that's what it is? *Shrugs* I'm just glad both boys are happy!

For some reason it feels important to me to have a post on my blog each day unless it's physically impossible for me to arrange it. I don't know why, but that's why you're still getting posts... Can't promise they'll all be interesting, but they'll exist, which has to count for something. LOL!

LOL! I'm thinking the dandelion thing... I think he's enjoying himself too much to want to come home! ;)