Friday, September 09, 2011

Asterix vs. Caesar

Also known as: Astérix y la sorpresa del César

"Obelix falls for a new arrival in his home village in Gaul, but is heartbroken when her true love arrives to visit her. However, the lovers are kidnapped by Romans; Asterix and Obelix set out to rescue them on a dangerous journey that will involve gladiators, slavers and beauracracy - and a personal encounter with the Emperor himself, Julius Caesar..."

(Above taken from here).

I looked for an English trailer, but couldn't find one. however, if you click here for an amusing little trailer for the series in general (yes, it is in English). The scenes may be from this actual movie, but I'm not sure. I'm going with it though, because it's the only English one that seemed to come up - that would play for me so I could be sure it was in English - when I searched.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable movie! :)


Rita said...

Looks pretty silly, but I was surprised that Gérard Depardieu plays Obelix and that it was Roberto Bernigni that I saw in the clip! :):)

Intense Guy said...

I thought it was animated... or at least the show I saw a long time ago was...

Hope you have a great weekend Tori!

Toriz said...

Rita & Iggy (because this kind of applies to both of you):
My best guess is that in this case they did a live action clip for a teaser of it and used some of the lines from thhe different movies, since the series is animated. I'd assumed all the clips would be too, but I guess in this case they did a live action trailer or something. *Shrugs*

Rita said...

The trailer had actors in it. Not animated. And it looked on IMDB like there were several of them with actors. Must be a popular story for it to be both movies and animation. :)

Toriz said...

Yes, must be. But, hey, at least you get an idea of the story... And in a language you can understand! ;)