Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bruno and The Pemberton

I'm sorry this post has taken so long to get up, but... Well, you know how it is sometimes!


back on the 13th of September my Mam took me out for dinner, because she wanted the opertunity to take me out before I moved away. Which was just fine with me.

So we went to a place called "The Pemberton" (which we'd sort of heard of, but went to mostly because it was the first place we came to that looked like a nice place to eat and wasn't a fast food chain). We're glad we went there though. The service and food were fantastic, and the price was better still!

They also had a good choice of vegetarian options, so instead of having to settle, I actually had to choose between the list of vegetarian meals. OK, there were only something like a dozen options, and a couple of them were soup, but when you're used to, "I guess I'll have chips," situations, well... A dozen options is fantastic! :)

For anyone interested... My first course was a side dish that I asked if I could have as a starter... A couple of onion rings, a couple of garlic mushrooms, and a piece of cheesy garlic bread, which I swear was the best piece of garlic bread that I've ever had! Then I had a "pepper and creme fresh tart" thing with new potatoes and a salad (which consisted of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, lettuce, and a little couscous, with a light vinegarette type of dressing). Then finished off with a pudding of caramel apple crumble and custard. It was all very tasty, and I swear I never ate another thing the rest of the day where I was so full... Despite the fact that it was lunch time when we had the meal, LOL!

We only spent £35 (somewhere between $60 and $70, depending on what the exchange rate is when you're figuring it out) for both our meals, two drinks each, and a tip for our waiter. Most places you expect to spend more than that for just the meals! I can tell you for a fact that we'll definately be eating there again any time we're near where it is when it's open and we're hungry!


We had to run some errands after food, and while we were doing so we passed this shop that was selling stuff - as shops tend to do - and the profits were for some kind of dog charity. They had a load of teddies outside, so Mam decided to buy one each for Kero and Willow (I put Kero's aside for him to have as a nice new toy in our new home). I stayed outside the shop while she went in, so it was only when she came out that I found out about her getting this:

His name is Bruno, and he's mine.

Mam named him though. I'm not sure why she picked Bruno... Neither is she... She just looked at him for a bit when I asked her what his name was (well, he's got to have a name) and announced that he was called, "Bruno." So, Bruno it is!

He's about the same size as Kero (maybe a bit bigger, actually). Although, he's a lot lighter than Kero! And he's really soft and cuddly.

Thanks Mam... For the lovely meal out, and for Bruno the bear! :)


Intense Guy said...

Such a nice going away gift! (pre-house warming gift?) - both the delicious meal and the huge huggable bear!

Toriz said...

*Nods* Yes, a sort of, "going away" present/housewarming gift.

Furry Bottoms said...

I love Bruno! I once got a bear similar to Bruno for a friend of mine. I took one look at her (the bear) and named her Esmeralda. I don't know why, the bear just looked like an Esmeralda!

Toriz said...

That's what happened with Mam and Bruno. She just decided he looked like a Bruno.

I have a smaller version of Bruno that Mam got me a couple of years ago. His name is Cadbury, because Mam said he was chocolate coloured, I thought of "Cadbury Cocoa" and already have a teddy called Cocoa (a little brown rabbit) so I went with Cadbury. All my teddies have names.

That corgi :) said...

Thank you for visiting our blog (a corgi in southern california) and all your kind comments! I know Iggy holds you in high esteem!

What an adorable little bear! I think the name Bruno fits him to a "T."

What a great adventure you had with your mom, reading about what you ate had my mouth watering! It all sounded so good!

Going to add myself as a follower and looking forward to getting to know you much better! Good luck with your upcoming move; never a fun thing to do indeed!


AliceKay said...

It sounds like you and your Mam had a wonderful day together. The meal sounds great and Bruno is adorable. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

He totally looks like a Bruno to me ;-) It sounds like you had a lovely day, and if I wasn't on raw foods right now (for about a week) I would be all over on a piece of garlic bread ;-)

Toriz said...

Thanks for returning the visit, and thanks for becoming a follower! :)

Yes, it was a really nice day, and the food was very tasty (and the service was excellent too).

Thanks; yeah, I hate moving. But this will be a good thing for us (once we get past the hastle and expense of the move itself).

Thanks; yes, we did! Well, I had a good time anyway, and she seemed to be enjoying the day. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks. Well, you can have some garlic bread some other time... I'm sure it will be worth the wait (garlic bread usually is).

Magaly Guerrero said...

You know, I was just picking up a book, I have to read a couple for school by Monday. I try to get the school reading out of the way first because the pleasure reading I can do at any time. Anyway, there I was with my book opened and not reading a word lol I was actually thinking about you what you said about being a vegetarian and usually having to settle. That is how I feel about shoes and bags. I love heels, but I can't wear them with my hip. I can't carry big bags because my hip and my shoulders scream, so when I find a place that has cute roller bags, which is what I use for school, I am a happy, happy, happy Witch ;-D

Toriz said...

Yes, it's wonderful when you can actually find what you want/need rather than having to settle for the best option available even though it isn't really what you want/need! :)

ChicagoLady said...

What a cute bear! That was really sweet of your Mam to get Kero something at the store. I'm sure he'll be double happy about his new home and new toy.

Rita said...

What a sweet goodbye time--a delicious meal, a toy for Kero, and a big very cuddly-looking Bruno for you! I know how nice it must have been so have that many choices for food as a vegetarian. Gets a lot more difficult to find things to eat at many restaurants and fast food places. I hardly ever leave the house, so not too much of an issue for me. But eating fries all the time must get boring. What a treat to find a place that had a lot of choices! :)

Toriz said...

Yes, I'm sure he will. He doesn't know about his new teddy yet, because I packed it in the bag we're taking on down with us on the train. He'll get it when we're down there.

Yes, eating chips all the time gets boring. I mean, I love chips, but it would be nice to be having them because I want them rather than because my choice is chips or... Well, chips. Of course, it didn't stop me having the chips (way too much actually... Part of the reason for how heavy I've ended up), but I really enjoyed having something else. And I especially enjoyed having several meals to choose from. It actually took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted... I haven't had enough choice when eating out to be able to need a few minutes to decide since I stopped eating meat (well, and fish, but I rarely ate fish anyway, and wasn't a huge fan of it). I don't miss the meat; I'm happy being on my vegetarian diet, but I did miss having a proper choice of what I wanted to eat.

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a lovely gift! I'm so glad you had such a nice time with your Mum before you moved!!! I know she's going to miss you terribly!

Toriz said...

Thanks; yes, and I'm sure I'm going to miss her too.

Karen said...

Your very welcome honey and yes I will miss you very much. Hugs and kisses always mam xxxx

Toriz said...

Thanks for the comment. Hugs and kisses back xx