Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrating Mabon 2011

Since I've been asked about my Mabon celebrations, and since the prompt on Pagan Blog Prompts this week is the following:

"Prompt: Mabon 2011

Mabon is this weekend - what are you doing to celebrate?

Or, if you like, simply regale us with stories of Mabon past... Or feel free to explore the history and meaning behind it and educate the rest of us.

To non-pagans, it's simply the first day of autumn on the calendar, but to those of us more in tune with Earth and nature around us, it means something different... Explore that meaning this week."

I figurred I would do a quick post to tell you how I celebrated Mabon. And here it is! :)

Well, my Mabon was quite quiet. I'd hoped to be doing a lot to celebrate, but due to needing to make last minute plans - since I'd made none, because we were meant to have been moving - all I did was:

* Went to Owen Staton's "Tawe Tales 2011: Descent Into Darkness" story telling evening.

* Took some time to meditate and think about the past year, and plan for the coming Winter.

* Went on several walks with Kero along the path by the river (where we usually walk).

And that's about it. If you want something more exciting to read though, check out all of the posts I put up about Mabon during this last week:

* Mabon: Autumn Equinox - some Mabon information.
* Activity Ideas For A Family Mabon - Ideas for ways to celebrate Mabon with your family.
* Mabon Activities And Correspondences - Some activity ideas for celebrating Mabon, and some general Mabon information.
* Mabon Balance Prayer - a Mabon prayer for balance, which I found online.
* Story: Meagan's Mabon - A cute little Mabon themed story, written by Kathryn Dyer.

Anyway, like I said, quite a quiet Mabon. I'm hoping to make up for it when Samhain rolls around... I'm already making plans for what I'm doing to celebrate Samhain! LOL!


AliceKay said...

You have a lot going on, and maybe the quiet time was something you needed. It sounds like Samhain will be a great celebration for you. :)

Rita said...

Going to Owen's storytelling night was special right there. And extra walks with Kero. Sounds like a peaceful day. :)

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like even if it was quiet, it was quite busy!

:) Pats Kero on the head.

Toriz said...

I'm hoping it will; I'm going to do my best to make it so, anyway! And, yes... Maybe I did need the quiet time; made a nice change from all that's been going on, actually! :)

Yes... A peaceful but pretty good day! :)

I definately managed to fill the day... That's why I didn't end up doing more than I did.

Connie Mitan said...

Sometimes it's nice to not do much for the holiday, as long as you take the time to recognize and honor it in some little way. Thanks for those links!